Sugar & Cloth Holiday S’mores Party

Sharing our tradition holiday s’mores party with our friends as well as affordable holiday style ideas

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

Are you guys tired of hearing about holidays and traditions from us yet?

Hopefully not, because we’re introducing yet another new element to our annual Christmas celebration this year with a little s’mores party action.

Can you blame me though?

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

This little guy is so super cute to making it all happen without the hassle of lighting up a fire.

To show him off, we took it upon myself to jazz up the studio a bit with some affordable holiday style and invited some of our studio neighbors over.

And by invited, we mean that we told them to dress cute and act natural because almost no one gets out of the studio without a least one photo to prove it.

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

It also let us test drive our new studio sofa (we finally got rid of the miserably hard to clean white one!) and coffee table setup that we picked out from…wait for it…

Now before you judge, and because we like to keep things super transparent with you guys, we feel compelled to admit that we were hesitant about it.

They’re not exactly the first place that comes to mind when we think of modern and cool.

But then, it kind of blew our minds to find out that we could order basically this entire room online.

AND it was still in our budget.

So for those of you that are turned off by the in-store thing or for those of you wishing you had known you could get this $89 coffee table before your holidays guests arrived long before now, let us show you what we picked out…

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

So here’s what we didn’t realize before (and no, this isn’t a paid quote, we were just genuinely fascinated by this new-to-us info):

When you search on Walmart’s website, you can actually shop from lots of vendors (like Wayfair!), plus their exclusive line collaborations like The Pioneer Women (LOVE her, #fellowbloggerforthewin) and Better Homes & Gardens.

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

So, first things first, we naturally needed a white tree with touches of gold tree and pops of color (we used candy ribbon!) to match our favorite color combo.

We also couldn’t resist a few holiday macarons as a “side dish”, if you will.

Luckily we’re surrounded by macarons enough that I think calling them a side dish is actually a genuine phrase around here.

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

We do love this faux marble coffee table, except we realllly wanted this one but it was sold out.

We do like the way the one we got ties in with the accent chair legs.

Plus, you know we always love a good marble look!

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

To tie it all together, we stuck with my current shag rug obsession and snagged this one.

I mean, I may be bias considering I forced a midday s’mores break upon her, but I think Annie looks pretttty cute in our new setup!

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

I also think the faceted lamp, colorful wall art, and color wheel pillow fit perfect with the bright, retro vibe of the studio. I think the whole 9 by Novogratz line is really fun.

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -


So what do you guys think?! Did we at least inspire you to pick up a tabletop s’mores maker to bribe your friends with during the holidays?

If you snag some things, be sure to share your spaces and parties with #affordablestyle so we can follow along too!

You can see all of our selects right, here.

A holiday s'mores party! - Sugar & Cloth -

Studio Room Sources

S’mores maker

Linen sofa

Coffee table

Accent chair

I love you wall art

color wheel pillow

marble tulip side table

pre-lit white tree

fur decorative pillow

glass milk bottles

two pack faceted lamp set

lamp shade

 Plastic striped straws

Shag rug

Icicle ornaments

Assorted gold ornaments

This post is made possible by Walmart. Thank you for supporting the brands we love that keep bigger and better DIY’s, and even sweeter sweets coming straight to your inbox!

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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  1. Wow, this is brilliant :) My family is marshmallow-holic :D But we only eat marshmallows when we make barbeque. This will be pleasant surprise for my husband for Christmas :) Thank you so much, Happy Holidays :)

  2. I love this idea of a s’mores party! So simple, fun, and different! Thank you for sharing your finds, I love the white tree also. I’m going to share your ideas with my friends. :)

  3. Oh man, I’ve been eyeing that exact same coffee table on All Modern since we moved and its $30 less on Walmart! I think I know what I’ll be buying soon. Lovely space, Ashley!