Camping Trip + The Weekly Edit

gwen at a mountain overlook 

Happy Monday!

We mixed it up last week after Jared’s socially distanced birthday dinner. Jared took Gwen camping at Garner State Park with his Mom and Aunt, and she LOVED it. 

I stayed back home with Luca since it’s scorching hot in Texas these days, and we’re still on an intense nap schedule since she just turned seven months. 

It was good for my mama heart to see her having so much fun and finally getting out of the house a bit. She hasn’t been out in public since March, so crazy!

gwen at garner state park

Having been born and raised in West Virginia, I really wish there were more rivers, creeks, and outdoor adventures that were easily accessible in Houston. That’s all I knew growing up, and I have such amazing memories of days on the river. 

I’m actually working on a DIY stock tank pool coming up soon because I might go actually insane if we don’t start getting out of our house more often. 

gwen and jared at garner state park

gwen in front of a pink truck

Obviously I’ll share the full scoop on that when the time comes, but until then, here are some weekly links for you…

The Weekly Edit

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