DIY Metallic Calendar Wall Hangs

DIY metallic wall hangs DIY metallic wall hangs

You know those moments when something so fantastic happens you just sit there a little stunned and lots of butterflies? That’s kind of how I felt getting the opportunity to make a project one of my all-time favorite stores, Anthropologie. You can get the full scoop on how I made these DIY metallic calendar hangs on their blog!

In the meantime, I’ll be flying to the east coast for some Smilebooth-y things today, and trying to stay warm with this arctic style weather. What in the world?! Everyone stay safe (and ready for some fun content this week of course!).

6 thoughts on “DIY Metallic Calendar Wall Hangs”

  1. Genius and gorgeous! I hope by “east” you mean NY and that we’re meeting up for coffee so I can pick your brain! (And take you sightseeing)


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