DIY Vanity Tray with Storage

DIY Vanity Tray With Storage — Not only am I giving you the scoop on this DIY vanity tray with storage, but I’m also sharing my videos from my Boots Beauty Experience at Walgreens!

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth

I’m 100% one of those people who’s house looks super organized and neat until you open a closet and 200 things fall out all at once.

Basically, “out of sight, out of mind” is my life motto. And I’m now spreading that profound love to morning routine form with this DIY Vanity Tray With Storage.

This DIY also happens to be great for those of you that do actually organize your things but just so happen to only like a few things on display. Please send me some of your good juju!

This DIY Vanity Tray is good for hiding things like your new blush is only cute for the first few weeks, and then it starts to look like it has bald spots.

All of this to say that there’s a little something for everybody with this project. And I’m super excited to back into the swing of more home decor DIY’s!

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth

Materials Needed To Make A DIY Vanity Tray With Storage

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth

How To Make A DIY Vanity Tray With Storage

This is easy peasy, are you ready?!

Basically you’re just spray painting the medium size hexagon cake pan (or whichever one is just smaller than your marble top) with your color choice. 

Then, let it dry completely, and spray the clear shellac top coat over that.

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth


Once everything has completely set for at least 48 hours, attach the mini clear bumpers to the bottom of the painted hexagon pan, and then place your marble on top and style!

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and clothDIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth

I should also admit that it’s no coincidence my peach vase matches perfectly because…spray paint miracles, my friends! I like a little matchy-matchy action every now and then ;)

What do ya’ll think of this project, almost too easy right?! Be sure to share your versions on social so we can follow along too! — #mysugarandcloth and #sugarandcloth

DIY Storage vanity tray - sugar and cloth

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10 thoughts on “DIY Vanity Tray with Storage”

  1. Where did you get the marble top? please don’t tell me you cut the hexagons yourself….i was almost tempted to learn how when i couldn’t find the mini hexagons from your previous marble hexagon projects. I didn’t want to wait for those to ship…i was inspired and had to start right away!! I settled for what looked like a speech bubble shape…really don’t know what to call it…but anyway, i posted a pic on my Instagram and tagged you. Let me know what you think!

    • Hi cheryl!! The link to the marble board is in the materials box, it’s from CB2. So glad you like the marble projects though, they’re some of my favorites too! I’ll check yours out! xoxo


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