How I Edit Photos for Instagram Quickly (+ video tutorial!)

Once upon a time I actually used to photograph and edit alllll of the things on Sugar & Cloth myself. Don’t be too impressed, my old photos used to look like this, ha! Thankfully Jared now does all of the photo taking and editing in whatever detail his heart desires. Or in some cases, doesn’t desire when I make him change something, muahaha…

Even though I do all of the blog graphics myself (see this post for reference), I still need to edit photos for Instagram quickly on instead of waiting on Jared every time I want to post something for IG or IG stories. This also means that the simpler it is for me to edit quickly, the better. Basically, I’m willfully ignorant when it comes to the photography aspect of things now. Thank you for that, babe!

For funsies, I thought I’d put together a quick video of my tips for editing photos for Instagram on the go with PicMonkey. Last time I shared a bunch of different design ideas for cool graphics to grow your business, so this time I thought I would keep it simple and walk you through step by step of how I edit a photo using the PicMonkey app, as well as creating a cute graphic for stories quickly on my phone too…

Pretty simple, right?! One of the things I love most about the new PicMonkey is that you can save images to your Hub and access them from both the mobile app and the desktop version so that you can work on something intermittently. This is great for a) making blog or social media templates that you want to access from anywhere, and b) for having your team help you with creating visuals that are cohesive because anyone can log in and access the imagery.

Ahhh, technology…it’s a beautiful thing, right?!

How I Edit Photos For Instagram Quickly by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth #photography #editing #instagram #socialmedia

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  1. Hi Ashley, thank you for the notification about the mobile app – it is the very necessary item nowadays, cause editing is almost done via iPhone. I’ll have a look at the Picmonkey, seems to be a good one.

    1. Definitely check it out!! And you’re right, totally necessary these days. I hope you like Picmonkey!

  2. however I did not know this before I read your article, Maybe I will no longer feel image editing is trouble! thank you and PicMonkey!

  3. Hi Ashley, didn’t know Picmonkey had a phone app now! Was this photo you are using as example taken with a phone or a DSLR? I’m asking because I love the depth of field and I’m looking for a new phone with a nicer camera.

    1. Hi Mariana! Jared actually took this photo with his new favorite travel camera, the Fujifilm X-T2! It’s a mirrorless digital camera, he loves traveling with it!