Little Sugar & Cloth Gender Reveal – Baby Number 2 is a…

It’s GENDER REVEAL time! — Let me just start by saying that I’m oh so glad you all are as excited about knowing the gender of baby number 2 as we are, haha!

For Jared, having the sealed gender reveal envelope is a lot like having a million dollars in a box that he can’t open. He CAN’T STAND the wait!

photo of a couple in a photo booth for gender reveal

For some reason this time around I wasn’t as anxious to find out as I was for Gwen’s gender reveal party.  — Also, see how we told our family we were preggo the first time here! 

Remember how our first ultrasound tech told us at 11 weeks with Gwen that she thought it was a boy even though we didn’t ask? Yeah, that was interesting.

I thought I’d feel more pressure for it to be one or the other the second time around, but having gone down the bumpy, new parent road, I felt super happy with either. 

photo of a couple with streamers in a photo booth

That said, we aren’t totally sure if we’re going to have a third child or not. Originally we both wanted three, but that was before we realized Gwen felt like 2 in 1, haha!

Honestly, she’s THE BEST but we have had the craziest time with colic, reflux, navigating working from home, learning how she deals best with high energy, and lots of very passionate toddler “opinions”. 

At the moment, we’re leaving the option open for down the road, but would be more than ecstatic with two healthy and happy babes!

All of that to say, it did cross my mind that if we had a boy this time around that we would have one of each if we decided to stop here.

Speaking of boys, back to the GENDER REVEAL!… 

funny photo of a couple

photo of a couple twirling their hair

photo of a couple for their gender reveal announcement

A lot of you mentioned that my carrying high this time around might be a sign that I was having a boy.

I was also only super nauseous with Gwen up to week 13. This time around I was actually physically getting sick almost daily (or daily at the beginning!) until week 17.

I was taking Bonjesta daily (a Zofran alternative) which helped curb some of the misery but also made me insanely tired. 

It was so bad that I actually hear certain songs come on the radio and I feel a wave of nausea from what I liked to call first trimester PTSD. It was crazy this time!

In the middle of all of that, I had NO energy or desire to do a grand gender reveal. Also, second child problems, haha!

This time around Jared actually asked if his Father’s Day gift could be to open the envelope, so that’s what we did! Nothing over the top, I just took a video of him opening it instead…

Before you watch the video, these were the early gender guesses —

  • Ashley: didn’t have a hunch on boy or girl
  • Jared: had a hunch that it was a girl, but secretly was leaning towards boy in case we were done
  • Most of our IG fam: hunch that it was boy
  • Most of our family: hunch that it was a girl

Gender Reveal Video for Baby Number 2 Below!


Also, I accidentally cut off the very end, but it was me saying “this pregnancy just got a whole lot cheaper!”, lol. I’m so classy…

horizontal photo of a couple in a photobooth

So there you have it! Now, if any of you have tips on introducing a second baby to an older sibling, I’m all ears! Leave me your tips in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Little Sugar & Cloth Gender Reveal – Baby Number 2 is a…”

  1. WOO HOO! I a SO excited for you.
    I have a sister and it’s the best thing everrrr. Yes, of course we fought but we’ve remained close friends for our whole life. And yes, so much cheaper!

    Have fun you gorgeous family.
    Eliza in Sydney

    • Hiiii Eliza from Sydney! First, I love that we have a reader so far away. And yes, we don’t have to buy new clothes! Hopefully, daughter #2 won’t be resentful with all the hand-me-downs. LOL.

  2. If you dont follow Janet Lansbury, do! She is soooooooo helpful with language and helping out with kiddos. Podcast and blog and insta :)

    • Everyone was seriously telling us it would be a boy! But everyone also tells us there’s nothing like the bond between two sisters. XOXO

  3. My OB gave me this advice for introducing big sister to the new baby. She said when dad (or whoever) walks in with big sister, have baby lying in the little hospital bassinet. Don’t be holding the new baby when the older sibling comes in. Instead, go over to the bassinet and “meet” the new baby together. This worked great for us! My oldest mostly ignored her little sister the first 24 hours. But the first pictures when she finally held her are priceless. She was so proud.

    Some people in my mom groups said they sent baby to the nursery before the older sibling arrived. Then dad and big sibling went to the nursery to get the baby and bring it to mom. But this only works if your hospital still has a nursery.

  4. Here’s a tip: I didn’t really tell you I had a baby in my stomach until I was about 25 weeks. I bought 2 books on family and siblings. I let you help me get his room ready and let you be as involved as everyone else upon his arrival. I let you be the first to hold him and made sure I wasn’t holding him when you came to the hospital. I allowed you to bond as I was bonding with your brother. I allowed you to assist with his changing, bathing, etc. Looking back I think you thought he was your baby in many ways. I also made sure that conversations were not all about your brother the first couple of months. I spent one on one time with you cause there will be some regression in order for Gwen to seek attention which you will have to be patient. Last, I let you pick out a baby doll to snuggle, dress and feed.

  5. We have the same order as you guys and our 3rd is a boy! Still not sure if we’re done 😅. With that said, your comment under the gender reveal video gives away the gender! (In case you wanted it to be more suspenseful) lol

  6. so exciting, congratulations!!! My two oldest daughters are 23 months apart and it’s the best! We definitely had some rough patches when they were younger but they are 13 and 15 now and very different personality wise but the best of friends. 💕 congratulations to your sweet family!!

    • Thank you so much, Jani! We do foresee some rough patches and fighting but we’re hoping that sister bond will make them the best of friends/sisters.


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