My Second Trimester Pregnancy Update + Some Questions for You

An alternate title for this post would be “me becoming a pregnant troll”. But I wasn’t sure if that was too broad or not. Instead, I kept it simple with Second-Trimester Pregnancy Update.

I even joked with a friend recently that I was going to go as a troll for Halloween. I’ll just dress like my pregnant self, which explains everything in a nutshell.

Before I really delve into the overly honest ramblings that are this blog post, let me start off by saying how madly in love I already am with this little girl I’ve never met. If it wasn’t for us not owning a single thing that can keep a child safe and alive except for my own breasts, then I’d say January couldn’t come soon enough.

I went from being completely terrified when finding out I was unexpectedly pregnant, to being the person that stares at ultrasound photos while talking to my well-fed 22-week bump like a crazed drunk woman in a dark alley that doesn’t think anyone is listening.

Basically, I’m obsessed with her every move more than the last. Not to mention I truly consider it an insane privilege and God’s grace to be able to carry this healthy baby.

Some Other Pro’s So Far…

— Not having to scoop the litter boxes (that’s a pregnancy no-no apparently)

— An A+ 20-week anatomy scan

— The extra daily calorie allowance (not that it really helps me much, see cheese danish reference below, but you know…)

— I’m apparently naturally more popular with animals while pregnant. Feel free to judge me for this, but I don’t hate that my cat is more interested in me now than he usually is, haha!

Now all of that said, I am NOT loving the actual pregnancy symptoms and emotional mind games my body is playing on me AT ALL. Essentially, I can break down my pregnancy experience thus far into three distinct summaries:

Weeks 1 Through 11

I felt like coming down with the flu while being given a sleeping pill and a giant secret to keep, then being told to go function like a normal productive person and not show any symptoms.

Weeks 12 through 19

I was all of the sudden feeling so scarily un-pregnant that I then developed an extreme sense of fear that I’d lost the baby every five seconds. Yet at the same time, I was also annoyed when people treated me like I wasn’t capable of lifting a grocery bag or as if my sole purpose of being alive now was to be a baby vessel. How’s that for an oxymoron?

Weeks 20 Through 22

I became a carb-loading, highly emotional troll… with an added dose of random people touching me like a little Buddha belly.

My Second Trimester Pregnancy Update + Some Questions for You! by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

For real, that’s how quickly it happened. I’ve now cried from simply listening to this song, from seeing a complete stranger on Instagram that barely looked pregnant at 22 weeks while I already look like a swallowed a volleyball, and I officially have NO filter whatsoever now.

I can’t even begin to recap all of the things Jared has said innocently that have sent me into an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks either. The worst part is I don’t even know why I’m upset sometimes!

I then go and start searching for some form of starch to eat, while simultaneously looking for something that still fits me from my closet to no avail. I’m even eating a cherry cheese danish from the airport coffee shop as we speak. AND I don’t even like cherry things, that’s just the only flavor they had left.

You kind of see where all of this is adding up to troll status, right? I’ll stop there for the sake of sparing you the rest of the TMI details like having a negative zero sex drive, the 1,348,174 bathroom trips I make each day, or being plagued by bloating and constipation.

My Second Trimester Pregnancy Update + Some Questions for You! by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

To find some hope, I even started seeking fellow pregnant trolls to find comfort in. I may even start referring to myself as “Tina” after reading this article.

Basically, I need to know your sanity keeping secrets during emotional pregnancy episodes! Do I need a straight jacket, or just some prenatal yoga, because WTH?!

Since this saga has gone on long enough for today (and I’m officially out of cherry cheese danish now), I’ll save my questions about birthing plans, classes, and diapers for another day….

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  1. Pregnancy is such a fearful time. A Journey with full of happiness, fear, hope and love. My journey just start a couple week ago. All I want, more than anything, is a happy and healthy baby to be born at the end.

  2. A beautiful post which brought back many memories! As a Mama to 6 kiddo’s from 13 years to 26 years old I am forever amazed at how awesome it is being a mama and the miracle of amnesia that kicks in once your baby is delivered and the memory of the pain disappears! haha! I never remembered the pain in my next pregnancy until the contractions started and then it was too late! xx

  3. This is a great blog and I can so relate to the first trimester description. I am 25 weeks and this week felt extra crazy. Like, want to write my first bad yelp reviews of my life and also take a work sabbatical and not talk to my family until I deliver. The struggle is real, glad not to be alone!!!

  4. Oh my gosh this post made me LOL and tear up all at the same time! I am 22 weeks along as well and could not have related anymore! My gosh I feel like a dang crazy lady with all these hormones pumping through me! So refreshing and comforting (at the same time?) to see someone going through all the same things! Thanks for being so real and vulnerable! Love your blog!

  5. PLEASE feel free to reach out to me/ check me on insta @lindzibun or whatever, as I too am feeling very much troll like, but am currently 33 weeks and feel like a troll who has swallowed a blimp :’)
    I’m also expecting a little girl (although i’ve been keeping that secret on social media so shhhh)
    and have delighted in all the kicks, thumps and pastries while hating the waddle, the need for a crane to roll me over at night and the difficulty of carrying out normal day to day tasks – obviously while also being annoyed at anyone who dare imply I cannot carry out said tasks!
    Oh the joys! :)
    Congratulations on your future daughter and WOW what stunning maternity pics (we don’t really do maternity photo shoots here in the UK, and it makes me sad because I would love to have a pumpkin patch shoot! Baby is due 5th November but I am convinced she’ll be a week early!) xx

  6. I think you look beautiful and I’m with you on the touching thing…random strangers and friends/family alike have NO business touching without consent!! I’m just baffled that people still do this.

    As far as pregnancy crazies go I found what helped me was rose oil. Apparently rose oil helps balance hormones so I would spray my face or mist my neck and chest with heritage store rose petals rose water. It made me feel calmer and as a bonus more refreshed since I was a balloon in the summer heat! I would occasionally diffuse rose oil in the house too but mostly just misted myself with the spray.

  7. Step 1: Have a sense of humor about it all (check!) because you’re making a human.
    Just wait until the only shoe that fits is a flip flop!

    My son just turned 4 months and I just now started to think “I can work with this” when I look in the mirror.

  8. I cannot feel more related tomyour comments on week 1 to 11… I’m on my 12th week now and still have all the symptoms from the 11 first weeks… it’s like someone knocks me down and fall asleep for 2 or 3 hours during the day. I feel completely useless at times because I don’t have the strength to even prepare myself a cup of tea. And then keeping the secret… I still am and it’s not that easy, but then I think it’s better because nobody gets to tell me what to do or give me advice just because… I said to myself from the first day I learned I was pregnant that I’m going to try to enjoy this moment above all.

    1. oh noooo! I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of it at first like I did, but hopefully you will find relief in the next few weeks! sending you love! xo

  9. Hi there !!! I’m already in my 30th week and I have to say that I hid my pregnancy for almost 4 months (only my small family and my husband’s knew), 1st because I didn’t want to overload my mind with comments and “advices” that sometimes just make you anxious; second the first dr that we saw scared the $:)& out of us telling us that we might loose one of the babies (we are having twins) and we weren’t going to be able to know till week 16 and the 3rd reason it’s that I hate to be touched so honestly so far I’ve been able to tell a couple of people to get their hands away of my belly. For me pregnancy has been one stage more in my life which I have decided to live in my own way, so feel free to do as you please

    1. SO SO exciting you’re having twins!! oh my goodness! and congrats for having the body type to keep it a secret for that long, I envy you! sending you bigs hugs! xoxo

  10. Yes to all of it! Now at 32 weeks I’m convinced baby is living on my lungs. But as the nursery comes along it all gets so exciting 💕

    1. I still have a ways to go before that, but I pant with the best of them after going up a single flight of stairs if it makes you feel better! haha

  11. ba ha ha ha ha. oh dear. i LOL’d several times. but mostly I just feel ya. ha! and don’t have any answers for you.

  12. You look adorable, so don’t be hard on yourself! I get it though, my friend who is pregnant with me still has a six pack on top of her baby belly haha! Enjoy the 2nd and if you need a relaxing moment go get a prenatal massage, they help! I also think working on the nursery has given me something fun to do :)

    1. ohhh my goodness! I am NOWHERE near a six pack at this point, hahaha. Not that I was before either, but hey! Also, YES to the prenatal massage. All about that life!

  13. I have to say, I think you look beautiful. Both of my kids were late, si looked like I’d swallowed a LARGE beautiful. Keep up your spirits. You’ll do great.

  14. You oh sweet thing. Sadly, it’s all pretty normal – nothing really chills out the preggy crazy except for giving birth. And then you take on a whole new level of emotional crazy love status for that little babe. Love watching your journey, tho!! xo

    1. on the brightside, the idea of not being pregnant anymore is a really good driver for not being nearly as anxious about delivery since I’ll 150% be like “get this get out of me!!” by then haha