Stayin’ Afloat + The Weekly Edit

You know that phrase “keep your head above water”? Lately, that’s been our struggle, like we’re trying to stay afloat and sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in a list of to-dos! Thankfully, we’ve gotten some air because the studio move is all wrapped up (HUGE RELIEF!) so we’ll be taking a much-needed breather!

Now we can focus more on the home renovations (the new stairs are being installed!), packing up (still so over it, lol!) our current townhome, moving into the new home, and we’re even sneaking away for a quick trip to Las Vegas for our anniversary this weekend!

Despite a little chaos, we enjoyed our second Valentine’s together as a family. We’re gonna cherish being able to do so because before we know it, Gwen is gonna have her own Valentine that she rather have dinner with. That thought makes me want to cry ACTUAL TEARS haha!

And now we end the week with some reads for your enjoyment…


  • Our guest appearance on Julie Lauren’s Hashtag No Filter podcast went live! We had an honest (no filter) talk about influencers and our 8-year journey with Sugar & Cloth over martinis (totally bougie of me).
  • Bright abstract colors – If we were a painter in another life, we would be Kindah Khalidy. She’s totally our spirit sister!
  • And they say that screen time is bad for kids? Meet Jonah Larson, an 11-year old crocheting prodigy from Wisconsin who learned his trade watching YouTube videos.
  • Not that Gwen’s life isn’t documented enough, but we wish we started this 1-second video diary app when she was born.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is related to Kate Spade? Rachel Brosnahan stars in her aunt’s latest accessories campaign line. It never donned on us how much they look alike!
  • Vending machines will be the newest way to check out books in our city. Wouldn’t this wonderful if all libraries made this available?
  • There’s all this hype about jade rollers. Should we get on board? We heard that using one will be like getting a facial massage. Your skin will eventually be more glowy and less puffy. Your puffy eyes are suppose to disappear!
  • We’ve been lovin’ the Lulu Organics Thieves Oil Purifier. Besides it smelling so good (clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon… yummm), it naturally kills bacteria (sans alcohol, seen in most hand sanitizer). Plus, the oils keep our hands hydrated and smooth!

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