Luca’s First Thanksgiving + The Weekly Edit

aerial photo of the JW marriott in san antonio

Happy Sunday! It’s been a little bit since our last weekly edit with the holidays and LOTS of gift guides happening.

In case you don’t follow along on Instagram stories, we recently made our first, and only, trip of 2020 to this magical spot. We were all in heaven! 

It felt a tiny bit strange to actually pack a bag to leave the house because I’ve gotten super comfortable with our comfort zone here, but it was totally worth the breath of fresh air. I’d highly recommend it if you’re in Texas!

We also successfully made our first Thanksgiving meal at home rather than going to family dinner, and I have to say, it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it was going to be. 

Granted, I did make most of the side dishes in a crockpot or in advance, aaaaand I might have ruined the mashed potatoes. All in all, it was a success! 

photo of the christmas tree at JW marriott san antonio

photo of a family in front of a lakeview

Even though we dressed up without ever wearing shoes, I was still bound and determined to get a quick family photo to mark the occasion of Luca’s first Thanksgiving…

The Weekly Edit

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