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Hello from New York City! Well technically we’re still in New Jersey, but we’ll be staying in the city tonight before flying home tomorrow.

Jared and I have been in town for a few meetings (that I’m VERY excited to let you in on soon!), and I can never resist some NYC shopping before heading home. Do you all have any favorite shops you love in the city? I’m a sucker for ABC Home, Muji, and Flying Tiger, which are ALWAYS on my list.

I’m also currently convincing Jared that we should visit this cat cafe while we’re there, haha! Classic Friday plans, am I right?!…

This made me laugh, but probably has more to do with having extra money and time, haha. – millennial parenting versus when we grew up.

Seriously beautiful cakes!

For those of you who love wine.

Ever wondered what it’d be like to work with your significant other?

Officially on my bucket list to visit this flower show!

Katy Perry came out with a shoe line, and these are really fun…but no amount of cute shoes will make this less uncomfortable to watch haha!

How to apply bold lipstick perfectly.

A breakdown of elevator etiquette. Painfully funny, and true!

Seriously though, I’ll be taking this weekend to brainstorm ways to bribe all of my favorite stores to move to Houston. What do you have coming up this weekend? Any fun Netflix suggestions?! Jared and I have blown through quite a few shows lately, and now we’re looking for our next obsession!

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11 thoughts on “The Weekly Edit”

  1. I think you would also like The Meetball Shop and Black Tap(for amazing shakes) The Ink Pad had a lot of cool stamps and stencils. Also Chelsea Market if you haven’t gone yet.

  2. How FUN to do a shopping trip in NYC! I remember swooning over everything at MOMA’s museum shop ;) Have so much Ashley ūüėė


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