The Weekly Edit

Raise your hand if you’re SUPER glad it’s Friday! Sharing the weekly edit now has a completely different meeting – sweet weekend freedom! We’re in the studio shooting some last minute projects before the weekend, and setting up for a bridal shower for a friend tomorrow and a baby shower Sunday. Showers are seriously in season right now for us, haha! Be sure to follow along on stories for sneak peeks.

Speaking of, did you catch the video from my bachelorette and bridal shower weekend? It might be my favorite, unclassy video yet, ha! Now as for some other things I’m loving…

Very into this clip of singing in the subway with Jimmy Fallon…

Still my current mood when it comes to bathing suits, haha.

Houston’s essential brunch spots, for the locals!

Thanks for your funny input on this post friends!

Just bought these and love them!

Anyone else currently feeling VERY over keeping up with IG, or is that just me?

Headed here in a few weeks and can’t wait!!

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