Our New Fireplace + The Weekly Edit

photo of a modern marble fireplace

Happy Sunday from the couch! We’ve been doing some extreme nesting things over here even though I’m trying to take it easier these last few weeks.

I had an early stress test done and our OB told me to reel it in a bit, so Jared has been doing A LOT of the home life to-do’s lately.

Thankfully he’s a very hands-on parent anyways, but I’ve put him on double duty to scramble and make sure we have baby things prepped just in case!

Things we still have to wrap up for work before she arrives —

  • Our Picmonkey office makeover giveaway
  • Sharing photos of our home decor for Christmas this year
  • Wrapping up Gwen’s bedroom makeover blog post
  • Putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom reveal
  • Generally trying to organize my life so I can even find the new baby things!

Hope ya’ll have a relaxing weekend before the Thanksgiving chaos begins! Here are some weekly links and popular things ya’ll have loved lately…

photo of a box and christmas tree

The Weekly Edit

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  2. That looks so good! I love the drawer pulls in particular. And that wood top really elevated it. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with IKEA. The nearest one to me (Albuquerque) is a good 6.5 hr drive away, and whenever I manage to get to one they are always out of what I wanted. At least I get a long weekend in either Denver or Phoenix, but It’s so frustrating!

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    1. Hi Sana! Have you tried Ikea’s pick up? We like doing that so all our items are pulled and ready for pickup when we arrive, especially all the big furniture. You’ll be charged a $5 pick up fee but they reimburse you with a $5 Ikea gift card that can be used in their food court too! P.S. 6.5 hours is such a long drive! You’d have to really love Ikea to drive that far!

    1. Thanks so much, Jen. After the doctor told us that, we had to be better about relaxing. Thank goodness for husbands!