The Weekly Edit

Happy, happy long weekend U.S. folks! I’m verrrry happy to have a three day weekend and be sharing the weekly edit. I’m finally feeling more caught up after all of the recent traveling and deadlines, so it’s nice to be home resting for three whole days.

Our only plans are to pool it up with Jared’s family, and lots of eating around town with my Dad before he heads back to West Virginia after visiting this week. Isn’t saying goodbye to family after they’ve been in town a while just the worst? I’m pretty sure I get that sinking feeling in my stomach every single time.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out to the charity event we hosted for my cousin at Kendra Scott this week! You all rock, and it means so so much to me.

I hope you all have a great weekend and have an extra poolside sno-cone cocktail for me! – xo Ash

The Weekly Edit

Obsessed with the way that this Melbourne couple decorated their kitchen. How cool are those polka dots? Would you dare?!

I literally busted out laughing while watching this. Who’s with me on bathing suit season woes?!

Firing is the worst as a business owner, this was an interesting article on it.

Every time I see a pool float, I think of this funny graphic.

The BEST pair of denim shorts I’ve ever owned. (+ 40% off!)

An interesting read on having limitless motivation

My new favorite night time moisturizer. It is LIFE CHANGING.

*featured photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files

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  1. It is the best hand made thing i ever seen really a nice creativity thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I don’t know if I could do 100% polka dots, even though I love them so much, but did get b/w polka dot removable wallpaper and have installed it on the back of my bedroom and guest room doors and used it to line the dresser drawers. It’s a fun pop without being overwhelming.


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