We’re Engaged: The Story of How Jared Proposed

Sharing the full proposal story with you, and I hope you’re prepared for plenty of wedding related things coming soon!

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

You guys, we’re engaged!

If you follow along on basically any social media channel we have, you’ve probably already heard this news. But I wanted to share the full proposal story with you because that’s what friends do!

I should also apologize in advance for my really terrible iPhone and Snapchat photos as my only recap. Once you hear the story you’ll understand why.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Jared and I work together. This means we’re basically together nonstop, and I would’ve sworn on my life that I would’ve seen a proposal coming from a mile away.

Obviously we’ve talked about marriage a lot in our three years of dating, but we’ve always said we weren’t in a hurry.

A lot of that had to do with this, but also because running a small business can be financially scary and takes up a huge part of our time.

We’ve finally gotten a lot of things ironed out and smooth sailing with old wounds, new job roles, and a thriving business.

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

Fast forward to this past week, and it was very similar story.

We had lots of deadlines. I found out I had a last minute work trip, things needed cleaning, emails needed replied to… but we took time off in the evenings to enjoy the summer with friends, had fun weekend plans, and the rest was life as usual.

Then, Friday came along, and I knew we had a staycation weekend planned so I wanted to get to the studio early to get things knocked out quickly.

Being the SUPER non-morning person that I am, Jared was surprised to find me awake and ready to get up and at em’ at 6:45am. He told me to just relax and that we had plenty of time to get to the studio.

That I should just take the morning easy while he made coffee and eggs. Considering he makes coffee and breakfast 99% of the time while I’m still asleep, this didn’t come as a red flag.

Instead, I embraced the time to make the most out of “my shows” as I like to call them. AKA – endlessly watching trash Youtube videos and falling down every rabbit hole there is. It’s a very prestigious hobby of mine that I’m not exactly super proud of, ha!

The next thing I know he walks upstairs with a breakfast in bed tray and flowers. He often gets flowers to surprise me with, but never ones that look like they walked off of one of our photo shoots!

Very confused, I asked him where he got the flowers to which he replied “Oh, I just picked them up.”

For those of you that know Jared in real life, he gets a pretty goofy grin in on his face when he thinks he’s getting away with something, and at this point he’s still totally straight faced!

Looking back I think it was the nervousness getting to him.

Naturally, I replied to his flower comment with “I KNOW FOR A FACT that you didn’t just pick these up! If flower vases like these were readily available for pick up within a 50 mile radius, I would know about it.”

You know, because I always have to take it to that next unnecessary level, haha! He laughed and said “I wanted to do something nice for you.”, and proceeded to tell me he’d be right back with coffee.

While downstairs I looked around the room for a candid camera, and then went on to Snapchat my suspicions. Still had ZERO idea that a proposal was coming because, after all, it’s a regular Friday morning when things are due.

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

He comes back upstairs with coffee and asks me if I need anything else. I reached for the coffee as if I was about to have candy stolen from me, and gently say “no, I’m fine” while still looking around really confused.

He walks back downstairs totally nonchalant. So I press on with my Snapchat conspiracy theory, because who wouldn’t?!

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

Finally, he comes back upstairs holding my fur kid, Thomas, and says “Thomas and I have something we want to tell you…” and started explaining how much he loved me. 

I think you can fill in the rest, but surprisingly he was the one tearing up as I was too busy fist bumping my hands in the air in excitement, haha!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly fist bump, but I was very similar to a contestant on The Price Is Right where they’re jittery with excitement to see what they just won.

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

After that we spent the next hour letting all of our families know, and me sitting in total shock looking at my hand. It was perfectly low-key, just the two of us, on a normal Friday morning.

No fancy camera around for capturing everything like we have to do for the blog, no fancy setting, just us in PJ’s doing our usual beloved morning coffee routine. And of course a Sriracha heart ;)

After bringing myself back to reality, we headed to the studio for a typical work day. We came in to find treats, balloons, and a note from our operations manager, Kayla.

She also added “you two are the only people I know that get engaged and then go “alright, back to the studio!”, haha.

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger IMG_3533

At this point I realized I had totally left the story unfinished on Snapchat and followed up with this :)

we're engaged! sugar and cloth - wedding - houston blogger

Now I hope you all are reading for some wedding inspiration coming soon! We know for sure we want to do a small destination wedding, and just throw a big party once we get home.

Did any of you have a destination wedding or have been in one before? Any advice on do’s/don’ts?! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. What a special moment between you two. Thank you both for the reminder that the simple things are the most special.

    XO, Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella

  2. CongRatulations!! I am a huge fan of your blog and i just had to giVe my Congtats to you both. I also have to ask where your beau found that gorgeous vintage looking ring? Its so beautiful.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just ATTENDED my brother’s DESTINATION wedding in playa del carmen and it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL off the beach, plus the cost was super low not only for them, but for us too.

  4. Congrats! This isnthe first time finding your site…looove it! And my destination wedding was on the beautiful island of maui…aaaaammmmaaazzzinnng scenery and beaches! So much fun too…the company took care of everything…we just showed up!

  5. YES to destination wedding! my husband and I totally wish we did. Have so much fun and congrats! And lemme know if you need a photog ;) !! xo <3

  6. What an adorable engagement story! LOVE the ring – it’s perfectly unique like your love. And, I love the paw in the picture, also! one sweet lil’ family!


  7. My sister is having a destination wedding this october and I think her biggest advice would be to expect only a really small portion of your guests to attend. Her wedding is in South America and because of zika many of her pregnant friends cannot attend. I’m very excited for you and I hope you have an incredible time planning your dream wedding. you definitely deserve it.

  8. Congrats! I’m late to the party after just finding your blog, but how exciting! I love that ring, and I think a destination wedding is the best thing in the world! The people in your wedding will be spending a lot of money anyway – why not make a vacation out of it, too???

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I don’t often comment on here, but I certainly follow along and I’m so excited for you both <3

  10. Congratulations. What joy, and lots of thought put into the proposal! You look like brother and sister. A sign of true COMPATIBILITY. May your love continue to grow. .

  11. EeEekkkk!!! So exciting! If yoU’re doing a destination wedding, you definitally need to check out this photographer – prislovskyphoto.com. He loves doing destination weddings and is super flexible.

  12. CongraTulations on your engagement! You make a beautiful couple. I actually thought you were Already married :) Wishing you endless love + happiness

  13. Ive never missed you more than i do right now after reading this. Im so excited for you! You deserve nothing less… You are a gem. Love and miss you ash ❤️


  15. So very happy for you both!!! Best advise is to take the engagement slow, plan a wedding that reflects your personality, and have fun!!! I hope 100 Layer Cake can help with your planning. xo, Jillian

  16. Ashley,
    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. I have been following your success since you hosted an event at Francescas here in Houston. I’m so proud of you. And your accomplishments. Also, I understand the previous RELATIONSHIP struggle. I just posted about it here (http://www.stylefragment.com/mystyle/2016/7/19/slightly-open). I hope that your engagement, wedding and more importantly marriage brings many blessings. Congratulations!I can’t wait to follow along.

    PS, I love your ring. It matches your fun and corky personality!

  17. YAY weddings! Congratulations to the two of you. Cannot wait to see all of your gorgeous wedding inspo! (here is where I’ll insert a shameless plug for The knot since I work there. Please come over and use our site!) xoxo

  18. Congratulations! Such a sweet proposal – excited to see all of the amazing details you guys will create for the big day!

  19. yay, yay, yay!! So excited for you two!!!:) Congratulations sweet girl! I’m excited to see all the wedding planning. I’m in some DESPERATE need of some inspiration <3



  20. OMG SO HAPPY for you both!! It’s such an exciting (and sometimes overwhelming time)!! A small destination wedding sounds like a dream for you both. I was in my sister-in-law’s small destination wedding in st. maarten and it was just wonderful. just be extra aware of the heat if you do tropical – it was june on the island and even at sunset, it was hot hot hot. we were sweating through our dresses and IT RAINED ON AND OFF DURING THE RECEPTION. SHE IS SO GO-WITH-THE-FLOW THAT SHE DIDN’T MIND ONE BUT IF IT HAD BEEN ME, I WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO CALM LOL. cAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF THE AMAZING WEDDING THINGS YOU WILL UNDOUBTEDLY COME UP WITH!


  21. Congrats again, guys!! I’m so thrilled for you both, and can’t wait to see how your wedding party comes together! UNDOUBTEDLY it’s going to be FABULOUS! xo

  22. CONGRATS!!!!!!! What a perfect proposal and love the pics! I just got engaged in may and am in planning process. simply can’t wait to see your posts for added inspiration!


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