DIY // Metallic Pendant Sconce


DIY metallic wall sconce DIY metallic wall sconce

After all of the Christmas decorations came down last week and the rearranging for normal life set back in, I decided I had a corner of my living room that was in need of a little brightening up. I know I’ve said this before, but not every DIY has to be super complicated or from “scratch” if you will. This DIY metallic pendant sconce that I made was as simple as combining a few store bought pieces to make them into something new.


  • Metallic pendant light (mine is from West Elm)
  • Ikea Ekby bracket
  • Spray paint
  • Drill and 2 screws
  • Vintage inspired bulb

DIY metallic wall sconce

First, spray paint the bracket a color of your choice, I used a gloss white. Then using dry wall screws and a drill, mount the the bracket to the wall.

DIY metallic wall sconce

DIY metallic wall sconce

Next, wrap the metallic pendant cord through the inset triangle and then up and around the top bar, leaving just enough left for the bulb to hang down after it’s wrapped several times. You can play around with this as little or as much as you’d like, it’s totally up to you!

DIY metallic wall sconce

Once you have positioned how you’d like, insert the bulb and flip the switch.
It’s a super simple light that packs a big punch and has just enough sparkle, don’t you think?

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39 thoughts on “DIY // Metallic Pendant Sconce

  1. jet

    it’s gorgious, well done. I have saw somthing like your’s but then in an other colour. I like yours much better;-D
    thank you for the sharing;-D

  2. jewel7013

    oh wow, this is soooo unique and creative, love the vintage light bulb!!!!

    Gotta be one of my favorite DIY projects :)

  3. christamae

    I love this so much I want to marinate in it. As soon as I have $80 to shovel into a bedroom upgrade, these are going to be flanking my bed!! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  9. Cindy

    This is really very cool!! Sometimes less is more!!!! The bulb is called an “Edison Light Bulb” Thanks for sharing!!

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