DIY Fringed love cake topper


  DIY fringe love cake topper   DIY fringe love cake topper
photos and tutorial by Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect
Valentine’s day is this week, and in case you might be doing some last minute scrambling for how to woo your love, this is the simple DIY Fringed love cake topper for you. Buy a cake (ok ok – or bake a cake), make these cake toppers in 30 minutes, and leave it out for them to see it right when they walk in. You’ve definitely done your wooing for the day, and you still get cake out of it! It’s a win win.
  • red or pink tissue paper
  • fringing scissors
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • glue
  • kabob sticks
DIY fringe love cake topper
Cut four uniform squares out of the cardstock, Then cut small straight pieces of the tissue, and using your fringing scissors, (or regular if you have the patience) cut fringe across.
Glue the fringe onto the bottom of your square straight across. Apply the fringe piece by piece, overlapping until you reach the top, then let it dry and move onto the next square.
DIY fringe love cake topper DIY fringe love cake topper
Once they’re all dry, if you’re worried about free hand cutting, turn your square over and trace your letter (backwards). Otherwise, carefully cut out your letter shape, spelling out LOVE or any message you’d like! (how about BABE, YAY, or MY BOO?!)
cake topper 04
DIY fringe love cake topper
If your kabob sticks are long, cut them in half. Once your letters are done, securely tape or glue them onto the sticks, and stick ’em in!
DIY fringe love cake topper
photos and tutorial by Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect
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