Announcing the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop!


floral workshop | floral workshop |

I’m super, super excited to announce the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop happening this September in Houston. It’s still kind of surreal that it’s even an option to have workshops now that we have the new studio. Before all I could’ve hosted was a small get together in my livingroom to watch my cat Thomas do his same three party tricks, and one of the three is just a stone cold death stare. I mean, I know a few people who might’ve bought tickets, but I still would’ve done down in history for that one.

Good news is I’ve teamed up with Maria of Maxit Flower Design to bring the pro tips considering I happen to kill things slowly, and not quite as poetically as the Fugees sang it. Although I can make a mean alphabet out of pretty stems (case in point is the top photo). You win some, you lose some I guess..

floral workshop |

floral workshop |

Attendants will get to make a killer arrangement just like this one that Maria let me play around with last week, and the florals we chose for the workshop are even more colorful for you to choose from! On top of the arrangement, you’ll get to have a mini styling session with me and a professional photographer to take home pretty final images of your florals.

As always, I’m sure to bring my cheesy jokes, a cookie or 100, and an awesome swag bag for you to enjoy also. You can purchase tickets and get all of the details here!

floral workshop | floral workshop | floral workshop |

In case you don’t follow along on Instagram, we’re also prepping to fill goodie bags for the next few workshops coming up, so if you’d like to have an item included, email us! – jared(at) Note that we’ve gotten plenty of inquiries about stationary and print type of items, so feel free to reach out past that! We just ask that you be able to provide a minimum of at least 22!

Can’t wait to hear from you, and I’ll see you all on September 6th!

photos by Jared Smith

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12 thoughts on “Announcing the first Sugar & Cloth floral workshop!

  1. Brittni

    Love these photos, Ash! These arrangements are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see photos from the workshop. I’m sure the arrangements will be awesome.

  2. NancyW

    How do we sign up? I have organized a group of Instagram friends called #houinstasistas on IG and I would love to tell them about this event as an option for our next meetup. I am @_nancywyatt on IG thanks and hugs from Conroe, TX

  3. Jesse C

    I’m so glad I found you! I live in houston, and always wanted to attend workshops like the ones I see you’re starting! So excited!!! Love your blog as we’ll :)

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