A Fond Farewell To Our Studio + The Weekly Edit

Cue the waterworks. Tears will be flowing when we hand over the studio keys. To say that we’ve burned the midnight oil many many times at the studio is no exaggeration. Why do you think Gwen has an actual crib there and not just a Pack’n’Play? Getting the keys was monumental. It symbolized the scary jump to committing to Sugar & Cloth full-time. We no longer worked out of a “craft room” in our apartment. We finally had our own legit space! However, things have come to a full circle. We’re gonna have a new in-home studio with Gwen always nearby (so no more commuting)!


Our Studio Renovation Update + The Weekly Edit!

Can you believe that the studio originally looked like this? Yep, that’s a steel pipe just dangling from the ceiling. It has gone through many facelifts. We had this grand idea for a fancy kitchen… that became a huge headache (as with any renovation that requires a plumbing install).

#SUGARANDCLOTHSTUDIO: Before + After of Our New Studio Meeting Room by top Houston Lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

Sugar & Cloth Studio Renovation Update by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth Studio Renovation Update by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

We quickly started outgrowing the space and was seriously encroaching each other’s personal spaces. In 2017, we added on a meeting room, an actual office and an upgraded storage area (no more shoving props into a makeshift closet)! The studio has also hosted workshops, panel talks, parties and even an animal pet adoption.

This week, we’ve been wrapping up and packing up all those memories into moving boxes. What remains will hopefully, go to good homes during our last studio sale (which is tomorrow)! If you snag anything (please, take it all), we’d love to see how you’ve incorporated our items into your lives.

And now we take a break from our hectic move to bring you our Friday links!


  • Remember Guess Who? There’s a female version with iconic feminists on Kickstarter. Who’s She? features inspiring women such as Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart & more. Instead of guessing their identity based off their looks, you can ask about their accomplishments instead!
  • Ikea & Tom Dixon just released their second collaboration. Can they continue this partnership forever?
  • We hoped everyone stayed warm during last week’s Polar Vortex (especially everyone in the Midwest)! Our noses have been dry & stuffy with the heater constantly running so we’ve been searching for a humidifer. Who knew that they can be just as cute as they are functional with this cactus humidifier?!
  • For everyone who has inquired about my top from Gwen’s birthday party: it’s the the ASOS Boohoo Rainbow Stripe Blouse (which is now on sale).
  • Traveling just got less expensive because kids can now fly for free (up to age 14) at this airline.
  • If you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day inspo, our dedicated board has everything from gifts, decor, DIY’s & recipe ideas.
  • Still searching for a gift for him? Tired of him carrying around his school bag from college? This “grown-up professional” 3-Way Bag is under $50 & functions as a backpack, cross-body or briefcase.
  • Drumroll. Our favorite Super Bowl commercial goes to Pamper’s “Stinky Booty Duty”. Now can we talk about the need for more changing tables in the men’s restroom also…

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