Our Studio Renovation Update + The Weekly Edit

I’m packing a whole lot into this week’s weekly edit links, so bear with me!

Now that the main construction on our studio renovation has been knocked out of the way, I wanted to share a little update with you! We still have a loooong way to go as far as decor and getting our organization systems built, but the worst of is definitely behind us!

To give you a better idea of the new layout, I put together a visual floorplan for reference below. We’re still depending on the current storage closet since we don’t have all of our new cabinetry in from IKEA yet, we haven’t actually started the new studio bathroom.

Based on my needing some mental recovery time between renovating the studio and our house at the same time, I’m thinking the new bathroom won’t come until 2018…

Our Studio Renovation Update + The Weekly Edit!


Studio Reno Trace.png

We’ve definitely come a long way from this point, but at least we’re getting to the fun stuff instead of the structural portion. One of the decisions I’m super glad we made early on was making sure to get really nice windows installed.

Even though it’s just an interior addition (of the warehouse type building we’re currently in) cutting down noise from the rest of the building was a real priority for us. We used Milgard vinyl picture windows which have been perfect for both cutting out excess noise and letting in tons of extra light to the new space. You can see how pretty they look in our new, finished meeting room here (and the featured photo above)!

I’m still working on what window treatments to use for them for privacy’s sake when necessary, but I’m thinking of going with these Blinds.com roll down shades in blush pink. What do you think? Too much pink or no?!

Studio Reno Trace.png Studio Reno Trace.png

We actually have a really fun collab coming up with Jeffrey Philips who’s going to come down to Houston and help save me from my organizational hell, lol. I did buy giant Uline industrial shelving and industrial ladder to use for now, and we’ll be getting quite a few large IKEA pieces to break up the chaos of all the different types of things needing to be organized on the shelves. Studio Reno Trace.png Studio Reno Trace.png

The number one thing I didn’t want to do was paint all of the floors white again. The white studio floors in the main space have been a TOTAL nightmare to keep clean, so we went with laminate wood instead.

A few of you were asking what flooring we used after the meeting room post went live, and so I linked to it below in the weekly edit links!

— This is what I used for our new studio flooring, LOVING it so far. Very modern, I got it on sale at Lumber Liquidators, and it doesn’t show dirt easily.

— I’m hoping this solves all of my litter box woes! Do any of you have one?! I’m going to be sharing a cool DIY housing for ours next week, so be sure to check back! I’ll let you know how it goes on cutting down the litter box mess in real life!

— Fingers crossed that we’ll get our flooring renovation done (did you all see that saga on IG stories last week?!) in time to finish our laundry room makeover this week. 

— Very in love with the new statement artwork for our living room.

— Three reasons you need to say “No” more often…

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