Couples Day Date Idea

Who say’s every date has to be elaborate or expensive? This couples day date idea is an inexpensive and adventurous alternative!

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

No one ever said dates have to be super elaborate or expensive to be memorable. They also never said being newly self employed was easy…

So it’s a good thing there are equally fun alternatives to the “just like the movies” dates that people tend to forget about… like biking to a picnic spot in one of your favorite neighborhoods as a couples day date idea,

Because that’s the kind of budget we’re on!

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth


I’m also not referring to the Pinterest picnics where someone miraculously packed a fine china cake stand with perfectly iced cupcakes to place next to their dapper, model boyfriend who would never actually be caught dead sitting on a monogrammed cashmere throw in matching outfits in public.

No, this is a real life couples day date that you can actually pack in a bicycle basket with your (equally dapper, that part was true) boyfriend and can still be just as cute and thought out as any.

Obviously, you’ll need a cute bike to start out.

And we did just that with our bikes from Brooklyn Bicycle Co .

Check out how I packed our real life picnic.

Plus, I need to show how I put my Polka Dot DIY Bicycle Basket to good use!

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

True to our personalities, Jared chose the Bedford seven speed in matte black (slight edgy of course, but still classic), and I chose the Franklin seven speed in white (if they had it in white and gold, I would’ve died!).

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket

To get everything to and from our picnic spot, I neatly packed up my polka dot basket with the wooden serving board and marble plate at the bottom and blanket on top of that cushioning the sodas.

Then, I  filled a small box with tangerines, grapes, cheese, and utensils.

Of course, chocolate should always be a necessity.

And baking homemade treats into mini mason jars makes traveling with them super easy!

This “box” makes for a great date night gift basket idea too!

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

This little picnic goes to show not everything we do is always super girly.

There are just enough details to make it feel special. But not so much that it’s a burden to carry or unrealistic.

The modern patterned blanket from Spearmint Love is one of my long time favorites. And has just enough going on with to make it seem full.

Of course, pink cheese never hurt anyone and we all know there needs to be some girly Instagramming at some point!

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

      couple date day idea with biking and a picnic | sugar and cloth

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  3. I would love a sweet and simple single speed white Franklin! With a basket too of course! :) I have a neighbor who rides hers to the grocery store down the street. Eventually, I’ll get a bike and do the same, haha.

  4. My comment with the entry was sent unfinished and I wasn’t able to edit, so here goes the full comment :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brooklyn Bicycle bikes! I owened a Pashley Princess Sovereign in Europe and since I moved to NY that I’ve had my eye on getting a Brooklyn bicycle. I would have to ride them to make up my mind but my favorites are the Willow 3 Three Speed Bicycle – Soft Burgundy Limited Edition, the Willow 7 Seven Speed Bicycle and the Franklin Seven Speed <3

  5. I would definitely pick the BEDFORD SEVEN SPEED in Black. Fingers Crossed! Thanks for this awesome chance to win!

  6. I love all the style of Brooklyn Bicycle but I would have to say the Willow is my favorite. I love picturing riding my bike with the baskets going to the farmers market and filling the baskets up with lots of wonderful goodies. Love the polka dot basket!

  7. Franklin seven speed in red….Love it and it would be perfect for a fundraiser for my daughters softball team. They are the Lady Reds :)

  8. I’d go for the Driggs Seven Speed Bicicle in DENIM BLUE cause I’m 4ever in blue jeans baby! It’s worth Drigging into my pocket for the extra $250 ’cause it’s one classy bike!! :)

  9. I love the Driggs 7 seven speed in Denim Blue. There needs to be more bicyclists in Atlanta. There isn’t enough and I would ride the heck out to the bike.

  10. I would choose the Willow 3 speed! I’ve been looking to exchange my old mountain bike for a city bike for a while now.

  11. I love the one Jared chose for my husband. I’ve been wanting to get him a bike this style. PS- he just made your DIY watercolor art for our daughter’s room and it is super cute! thank you.

  12. I am in love with the Franklin seven speed in ivory white, but I also love the willow in sea glass. Torn. Beautiful bikes!

  13. The Franklin Seven Speed would be amazing. Perfect for adventures around Santa Monica and Venice… plus a good commuting option to the office!

  14. I love the Willow 7 Speed in black; a perfect upgrade to my current hand-me-down bike that doesn’t quite cut it commuting in Los Angeles. Fingers and toes crossedQ

  15. Are you kidding me right now? I think I would just die of happiness if I won! I sold my little vintage bike a few years ago and I am lost without one. I need need need that Franklin bike! Swoon!

  16. AH! I know where you shot this in Houston. Also, this picnic is far cuter than any I’ve ever had, so props. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. I love elegant ivory of the Franklin Single Speed. I love it so much I want to put a ring…I mean a bell on it!

  18. My husband has been begging me to get a bike so that we can ride around the neighborhood together. This would be perfect since I now have a place to put one!

  19. A brooklyn gal’s gotta have a brooklyn bike. I think I’d have to go for the Bedford 7-speed in white. Also, pink cheese. What the what??

  20. Love this realistic picnic, everything you said about those “Pinterest picnics” was spot on! I would love that Franklin seven speed in white—it looks so perfect with the box.

  21. This is such an amazing giveaway! Would just LOVE to win!! The Sea Grass color is too cute, I might add!

    Alice at The Lone Star Looking Glass

  22. Ooh la la! I adore the WILLOW 7 SEVEN SPEED BICYCLE in Columbia Blue!
    Thank you Brooklyn Bicycle Co and Sugar & Cloth!

  23. I love the Bedford 7 Speed in Ivory! I live in Chicago and would LOVE to ride it along Lakeshore Drive during the summer!

  24. I adore the model that is featured in this post. There’s nothing like a white bike, even though I live on an island with red clay!

  25. Love the turquoise willow! Also, I love the picnic date idea. Our favorite place to go picnic is discovery green(:

  26. LOVE these bikes!! I would be in heaven if I had the white Willow seven speed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I am obsessed with the Franklin single speed in white. The simplicity and detail is A+. (Though, all their bikes are great!)

  28. I’ve been wanting a bicycle for so long! I would absolutely love to have a white Franklin Seven Speed from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. So cute and practical. <3

  29. Oh how I love Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s bikes! I would choose the Medium Driggs 3 Speed in Soft Burgundy. But I’d be happy with ANY of them (-:

  30. Oh my goodness! These bikes are so, so, so amazing! Given that I’ll be moving to the coast of SoCal in September, I NEED one of these! I’m loving the Franklin Seven Speed in White. Fingers are crossed!
    Circus & Bloom

  31. The Willow 3 Speed in Burgundy is sooo amazing! I guess I could use a new bike since mine has been waiting on the balcony for about a year now, being exposed to all kinds of weather.. ooops!

  32. You always have the cutest ideas for any and everything! I’m always impressed by every post you publish. You are brilliant!

  33. I’m with you. That Franklin in white is to die for! I’d definitely want to add the rack, too… Or maybe a handle bar basket!

  34. I love this post, what a great idea. I love the Franklin Seven speed in white. What a beautiful bike!

  35. I would love to get the Franklin 7 speed in Ivory! It’s just so pretty. Also, I love this date idea! One of my first dates with my now husband was a picnic + it was such a lovely time. It would be so fun to recreate that with him. :) Also, love that blanket!

  36. The Bedford seven speed for me! I would love to display this in our workshop when we open up in the next few months. Great giveaway! Thanks

  37. Oh my gosh these images are too cute, love your added bike basket!
    While I love their colorful bikes I think my pick would be the franklin single in white.
    xo Nan – Simply Elegant Blog

  38. Ooohhh, I love the Willow 7-speed Bike in the Sea Glass. I follow, I shared. Fingers Crossed. Love your blog. Thanks!