Good Ol’ Days Are Still To Come + House Timeline + The Weekly Edit

The good ol’ days are still to come! This signage caught our eyes during our Magnolia Market trip. It perfectly summed up how we were feeling. We’ve faced so many move-in setbacks and crazy life hurdles, but now we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for sure!

We’re in crazy packing mode to get everything from our old house (aside from the big pieces of furniture!) packed up to move to the new house this coming THURSDAY! Yaaaay!!!

That said, there is quite a lot left to do at the new house but we’re just going to pull the trigger on moving now in good faith that it will all be done soon! Plus, we really need to get our current house listed on the market while things are good.

As for as the new house, here’s the scoop on what will be finished (and unfinished!) when we move in —

  • 0% of the house will be decorated, hahaha! Basically, we’re just moving our crap in and will figure out the rest as we go.
  • 98% of the bedrooms upstairs are done, we’re just waiting on a new window installation for Gwen’s room and then we’re all set!
  • The master bathroom with be 90%, just waiting on a small bathtub hurdle and then we’re good.
  • 3 bathrooms (all of them except the master bathroom) will be completely unrenovated because we didn’t have the budget to conquer these before moving in thanks to all of our budget setbacks like foundation, structural, and electrical issues, etc.
  • The kitchen won’t be completed at all. We’re still waiting on countertops, installed appliances, and sinks. But hey, that’s what Uber Eats and Chick-fil-a is for!
  • All the flooring is complete.
  • All the painting is complete.
  • Still needing to install the new wall mounted fireplaces.
  • Still needing to install clerestory windows in the family room.
  • Lots of little details like shelving and lights need put in place.
  • New floating staircase has officially replace the old spiral stairs!
  • Currently working on organizing my new studio and will share peeks of that soon.

Be sure to follow along on stories as we’ll be sharing lots more as we prep to move in! For now, here are your Friday weekly edit links…

Texas Monthly + Magnolia Market Picnic Gwen by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth


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    1. Moving is probably one of the least favorite and stressful things to do but decorating a house is up there on fun things to do!

  1. Oh I know once your new house is complete you will be so happy. Moving is no fun but having a new home is the best. Happy moving.

  2. I had a roommate whose cat would play fetch! Any time you threw a wood pencil, he’d go get it, bring it back to you. Then repeat!