Sugar & Cloth Casa: All the Before Photos from Our New House (+ Video)

I am SOOOOO excited to finally get to announce the details of our new fixer upper!

In case you missed it, this is why we decided we wanted to move even though we just finished renovating our current townhome in the heart of Houston.

We actually didn’t anticipate finding a house that we loved so quickly. But when you obsess over the thrill of watching real estate listings, it becomes a slippery slope.

We visited a TON of different neighborhoods just outside of Houston before zoning in on which areas we loved the most.

The house we landed on is in the Champions area. And we love the feel of the lakefront property. You’d never know you were only 30 minutes from downtown!

I plan to give you all a full breakdown on plans, costs, how we went about financing, and the whole hoorah. For today, I’m sticking with sharing the before photos and introducing you to our contracting team, Genesis CP.

If I learned nothing else from our last renovation, it’s that I want NOTHING to do with the day-to-day project management of different teams.

In order to work around not being able to get a contractor after Hurricane Harvey, we ended up hiring a plumber here, a flooring and tile guy there. Plus, I tried to make them all sync while also 8 months pregnant. #traumatized

So this time around, we interviewed several teams before deciding to go with Genesis. And I can say with the utmost confidence that they’re the most genuine, go-getters in the construction business.

Sadly, they’re actually ahead of me on the timeline. So that should say everything!

We’ve been doing demo for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we have already run into some major unexpected problems with the fixer upper house that the inspector didn’t catch.

(Our IG stories fam already heard some of that saga!) But I’ll get into that a bit later…

For now, you can watch the walkthrough video that Frank Anthony put together for us below. And click on the image at the bottom of the post to see the full house tour gallery with captions that explain our initial ideas…

YouTube video

full before photos gallery! Sugar & Cloth Casa: All the Before Photos from Our New Fixer Upper (+ video!)

Be sure to comment below if you have any layout ideas as you click through the gallery, we’re all ears! Check back soon for more updates!

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  1. Loved seeing the house and I’m so excited to see what y’all do! I don’t know why but I got very excited about the backyard and the steps leading to the water. #itsthelittlethings

  2. This is so exciting! I loveeee to watch the renovation going on so I will be keeping up with your updates.

  3. I love the private lake front view – it’s gorgeous! Congrats on the new house, I’m looking forward to seeing your renovations!

  4. I can’t wait to see what you do with the place! I love black tile but that bathroom definitely needs a redo…

    1. Thank you so much Angela! We are so excited you enjoyed all the before photos from our fixer upper! That bathroom does need some work.

  5. Congrats to you both on your new home. Got to say I blooming hate diy, but like the results once done xx

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! We are so excited you enjoyed all the before photos from our fixer upper! Wishing you all the luck on your new home.

  6. We will hopefully be buying a fixer upper soon. I am so ready to be homeowners! I can’t wait to see what you will do with it!

  7. Very cute house that you are remodeling. Love fixer uppers and they are a great choice for longterm investment. Especially if you are renting it out.

  8. While my husband and I have made a lot of small upgrades to our house, I’ve never done a full fixer-upper. We are just outside the Houston area in the suburbs in the NE side of town!

  9. Great house – can’t wait to see what you do with it! We’ve bought so many houses and done work on them… I really enjoy it!

  10. Congratulations! It’s a beautiful house with great bones! Love the lake view and the lovely planting area by the door. Excited to follow along and see how you transform it. Good luck!

  11. Good luck! We also live in the Champions area – there are a lot of great old houses with good bones and nice lot sizes! We’ll be following along!

  12. YAY!! So excited to see the updates y’all have planned! Also, selfishly thrilled because my husband and I bought a mod 1970s house in April fairly nearby. I am looking forward to idea inspirations AND seeing what fun places you guys find in the area. If you could open a pretty coffee shop, that’d be great 😅🤞🏽

  13. I cannot wait to see what y’all do with this house! It’s got gorgeous bones (minus that creepy door and staircase, ha!)

  14. I love the front/foyer area, I hope you keep the brick around the fireplace! Can’t wait to see the updates you guys make!

  15. I loved the video and I didn’t have any issues with the sound. Both your personalities are fun to watch. Great job explaining the layout and basic ideas. Much prefer videos over just words to read.