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photo off Gwen still happy despite being sick again by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

How is everyone feeling?! It’s been a crazy week, and I think we can safely say that these are strange times. 

I’m just getting over Hand, Foot and Mouth (!!!) thanks to Gwen lovingly sharing that with me before we realized that’s what she had. I’m assuming she got it from daycare, but so far no one else in our house has symptoms. And I’m hoping it stays that way. 

Gwen officially had her last day of school for a little while this past Friday. Fortunately, we found a really great nanny just before all of the chaos started.

We’re so thankful for her and really glad to have the extra hands to help out with the girls since I’m officially getting back into the swing of things with work. 

To be honest, I already sort of live a life of quarantine since we work from home, have a three month old and we live out in the suburbs now.

It doesn’t feel too different than it did before this week started, minus the fact that we’re rationing toilet paper because people bought it all up. And I can’t get any Prime Now deliveries because of the influx! 

It should be an interesting few weeks trying to entertain a toddler at home. But I’m really thankful that we have the opportunity to be with them and still work. I can’t even imagine how difficult this is for those of you that depend on social settings for your income. 

While I think we’re all feeling it one way or another, my heart really goes out to you. 

If you’re one of the people that did a lot of hoarding at the grocery store, please be mindful of the people less fortunate that can’t afford to shop for essentials before a payday and are being left without.

Also think of the children that get most, if not all, of their warm meals while at school but won’t be able to attend for the next few weeks. 

Love goes a long way in times like these. And thinking of others more than yourself will always come back around. 

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6 thoughts on “Life This Week + The Weekly Edit”

  1. Love the mindfulness in this post, it definitely is a strange time but we can all do our part in either just staying home or not going out unless absolutely necessary, and hopefully stop the spreading of this virus!

  2. It really is crazy out there right now! I am also glad to be able to work at home and have my daughter with me during this, hopefully the worst passes quickly!

    • It’s definitely something no one has ever experienced before. We’re so glad the girls can be home too. Someone on FB mentioned having to bring their kids to work! I don’t know how people are going to be able to also work at home and have no childcare. Hope all is well for you!


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