One Room Challenge Week 2: The Living Room Design Plan + Pain Points

I’m very excited to get to the fun stuff with our living room design plan for this week’s One Room Challenge update! If you missed week 1, you can find all of the VERY underwhelming before photos of our new living room right here.

We’re technically redesigning our open concept living room + dining room, but my photoshop skills aren’t sharp enough for squeezing both into one visual. So, we’re settling for breaking them into two updates.

Since our home was originally built off of Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration, we want to keep the mid-century vibes alive in the living room design. The rest of the house will have some mid-century flair, but this will really be our statement room!

The featured photo up top is the mockup I made of the new design, and here are some of my shopping list and pain points I’m still deciding on, so feel free to live your input!

Sugar & Cloth Living Room by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth One Room Challenge

The viewpoint of the featured photo design mockup is if you were standing in the living room with your back facing the fireplace, see here for reference.

We’ll be mounting a TV above the fireplace as the previous owners did, then the sofa and two leather chairs will be across from each other perpendicular to the fireplace. The statement wall art will be on the large empty wall opposite the fireplace.

I ordered the wall art to be 30×40 inches per print so that it will *hopefully* make a really fun statement on that giant empty wall!

Living Room Design Plan Sources

week 2 update for ORC! - One Room Challenge Week 2: The Living Room Design Plan + Pain Points

For the other knick-knacks and styling things, I’ll be pulling from what we’re keeping from our current house when we move next week.

We’ll be leaving quite a few big pieces of furniture behind to stage the old house with, so this One Room Challenge timing is perfect for a refresh if new furniture that perfectly fits the space since its such a different layout and vibe than our current living room.

I’m definitely the type that prefers to go with the flow when it comes to styling and arranging the room as new items arrive. For instance, we took general measurements for the main pieces like the table, sofa, and credenza, but the rest I’m pretty relaxed about until I actually start arranging them when the construction is all done!

Basically, I pretend to be the colorful Joanna Gaines, except my contractor is a paid addition instead of a husband, haha! Love you though, babe!

Things I’m Still Deciding On For The Living Room

  • Should I add another plant to the currently very sad fiddle fig situation, or just secure it to the wall and live it with one?
  • Figuring out a rock option for the fiddle fig bed that doesn’t constantly scream “pick me up and throw me!” to Gwen.
  • Am I going to regret not going with additional lamps for mood lighting in this room when we use it in real life? Let’s be real, online photos versus real life are not always one and the same, but I want to be realistic about this being a comfortable space for us, hence the cool yet functional recliners!

That’s all I have for you until next week when I’m back with the dining room portion of this design plan! Be sure to check out the other participants for the Spring One Room Challenge below in the meantime!…

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  1. Loving your selections…that fig tree is unbelievable and I love the shape of it. My sister has a similar one on her porch that is going crazy all over the place!

  2. Adore your blog – it’s upbeat and inspiring. Thought for the day ~ Frank Lloyd Wright introduced Prairie style aand was really most prolific during the crafts movement. Mid-century architects and designers created a space age and streamlined aesthetic – Mies van de robe, Noguchi, knoll — and more.
    I look forward to every post – enjoy your room challenges from your original studio redo, townhouse, and now you’re new home with divine skylights.

    1. Thank you, Ade! And you really seem to know your design and architects too! We love Noguchi and Knoll… definitely to check out Mies van de robe more! Thank you for checking out all the home renovation updates. We are excited for it to all come together. XOXO

  3. Love! I have a giant empty wall that I’ve been staring at for 2 years. Maybe I should do something like this with it?