Photos of Our British Isles Cruise with Family Part 1

You guys! This might be a blog miracle because somehow I convinced Jared to recap allll of our British Isles cruise photos from our Princess Cruises trip!

Consider he’s 1 step away from being mute on the internet, this is a real win at our house. That said, can’t be held responsible for how interesting or overly honest these captions might be.

Since we were gone for about 3 weeks total, we could wallpaper a small house with the number of photos we snapped. Instead of drowning you in photos all at once, I broke the trip into two recaps.

Thank you all for all of your recommendations that you messaged me after out itinerary announcement! This was Gwen’s first cruise at almost 7 months, and I’m SO, so glad we went to London a week early to let her get adjusted to the timezone.

She did great on the cruise though, and I’m happy to confirm that she does ten times better on a cruise than a plane haha! Plus I would venture to say that she made about 500 new best friends from the employees on the cruise. They were amazingly helpful and accommodating.

Part 1 of our cruise recap pretty much only features London because I might have gone a little buck wild with photos there. Click the image below to see the gallery, and you can see part 2 of our trip right here!.

Gwen at 6 months in Horniman Gardens London - Photos of Our British Isles Cruise with Family! | Part 1 # travel #familytravel #cruise #decor #design #britishisles

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