Sips For Summer: Rose Wine Slush Recipe

Sips for Summer - Rose Wine Slush - Sugar & Cloth

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments and thoughts on yesterday’s post! I was mildly terrified I would come across as a huge, ungrateful jerk, so I’m glad thus far no one has taken it that way (fingers crossed that stays true!).

Secondly, we’re finally bringing our sips for summer series to an end with one last cocktail today, a rose wine slush over on Glitter Guide! Did you all enjoy this cocktail series? I’d love to do one for the fall/winter, too!

Lastly, we’re gearing up celebrate our 4th blog birthday next week, and to give back to you, we’re hosting an ENTIRE week of giveaways! That’s right, no DIY’s or recipes, just good ole’ fashioned FREE STUFF. Can a sister get an amen?! Okay, I’ll stop, but I’m seriously excited, so stay tuned for #sugarandclothfavethings!

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3 thoughts on “Sips For Summer: Rose Wine Slush Recipe”

  1. I found yesterday’s post to be refreshingly honest. I think many people forget, or just don’t realize, how much work really goes into occupations that are based in and/or rely heavily on social media. And with the growing trend of link-up parties, web celebrity meet-and-greets, and thousands (if not millions) of people you will never meet having access to you (via your website, blog, discovery on Pinterest, etc.), it can become overwhelming. Exhausting.

    And this recipe will be perfect for this weekend!


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