Snowball Float Recipe

Snowball Float Recipe — ‘Tis the season for this winter inspired drink perfect for the holidays, a Snowball Float recipe!

snowball float recipe |


The kids all love snowballs. The big kids at heart love snowballs. And now, here’s a snowball that everyone in between can love too (even if there’s no snow to be found).

Th perfectly wintery Snowball Float recipe! Let me just say that if you’re a sweets lover, then this has your name all over it.

Honestly, how can you say no to a recipe with homemade vanilla soda you made on your own?

snowball float recipe |

I’ve also decided that I’m officially SodaStream’s number one, self proclaimed spokesperson because I’m obsessed.

I stopped drinking sodas almost four years ago. I reverted strictly to carbonated water since (coconut sparkling water is my jam)!

And this is like heaven just opened up to give me all of the flavored sparkling water in the land… forever. Technically I haven’t run out of CO2 yet. But when that happens I’ll be sure to notify you of my mental breakdown.

Until then, I have my machine sitting at the front of my kitchen cabinet so I can make drinks without even having to take it out. Don’t judge me…

snowball float recipe |

Ingredients Needed To Make Homemade Vanilla Soda 

Yields 1 liter

  • Use your SodaStream to make 1 liter of carbonated water.
  • 3.5 ounces of any vanilla syrup of your choice — Or make your own with 1 cup of simple syrup and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

snowball float recipe |

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Soda 

To make your homemade vanilla soda, you’ll need all of five seconds.

Just fill your bottle with water to the line, and then press down on the release three times, to make your carbonated water and pour in the vanilla syrup to flavor.

snowball float recipe |

Ingredients To Make A Snowball Float

Yields one float:

  • Splash of homemade vanilla cream soda
  • 1 oz. of vanilla vodka — or replace with extra vanilla soda
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream and sprinkles for garnish

snowball float recipe |

How To Make A Snowball Float

For the float recipe, scoop in the vanilla ice cream into a glass first.

Then, pour over the liquid ingredients so it helps to chill them as you pour.

Give it a quick stir with your straw.

Top with whipped cream and sprinkles to serve!

snowball float recipe |

snowball float recipe |

snowball float recipe |

Now I’m thinking of getting a custom Skin for my machine based off this watercolor cake DIY. Is that too much?

It’s kind of like having a new pet and I want to buy it everything… totally nothing to see here, folks…

snowball float recipe |

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  1. Looks cute! Super easy, basically a cream soda float with whipped cream and sprinkles. I love it though and guests think it is extravagant! Thank you!

  2. These snowball floats look absolutely delicious! I’ve not had a sodastream since the 90s but this is making me want to go out and get one!

  3. I keep looking down at my tea and thinking if only I had a soda stream machine and could enjoy a fabulous snowball float!!! Great job with the presentation!