Stocking Stuffers: Our Favorite Little Novelties

I wasn’t joking about the stocking stuffer ideas we have up our sleeves! This time it’s all about sharing our favorite little novelties, aka the random things you oh and ah over but would never really buy yourself.

Depending on what you’re aiming for from the list, I also like to tie on little novelties to the top of big gifts as a fun gift wrap accouterment of sorts. Of course, it’s not exactly easy to tie on a flamingo snow globe, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Ha!

Clearly, I’m the insane one in our family gift wrap group…

Stocking stuffers - our favorite little novelties by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth, a top Houston Lifestyle Blog

1. champagne keychain 

2. pink flamingo snow globe

3. gold slime set 

4. fun caption coasters

5. rainbow playing cards 

6. prosecco pong game 

7. cat bottle opener

8. carry on cocktail kit 

9. solid gold tumbler

10. life is beautiful book 

11. colorful kate spade magnet set

12. gold back scratcher

13. champagne gummy bears

14. truth serum glass decanter 


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  1. You didn’t explain the story behind the title picture for this post! I wanna know more about those personalized candles & cards! <3