Garage Reno Updates + The Weekly Edit

Anyone else feel like we’re stuck in an endless version of the week after Christmas? It’s like things want to be normal but no one really knows what to do with themselves. 

Somehow we’ve managed to knock out this garage apartment reno pretty quickly considering it’s hard to find stores and sources that are open.

Not to mention trying to order furniture online and nothing has been the right size. Clearly I can be left alone with a measuring tape while also juggling two littles. 

Here’s what we’re looking at so far…

This gives you a good look at the modern farmhouse vibe that I’m going for.

I’m definitely keeping everything crisp and white since it’s a small studio apartment that I’m trying to break up into a one bedroom with a desk and dining area!

You all went crazy over the peel and stick tiles that we used, so I’m planning to do a full tutorial on how to make those work well. 

This was the behind the scenes on installing the kitchen backsplash!

This is how they turned out in the bathroom! Still need to switch out the faucet and style this space, but it’s so much better than it’s previous version!

And now for your weekly links…

The Weekly Edit

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  1. Out-standing!! It looks amazing! I’ve been meaning to get some projects done around the house, but this makes me want to get them done. Thanks!

  2. I need to add all these projects to our summer to do list. LOVE how it’s all turning out :)