Want to be featured on Sugar & Cloth?

see your picture featured on Sugar & Cloth! Want to see your projects featured on Sugar & Cloth?! I do too! Whenever you make a project from a Sugar & Cloth tutorial be sure to use the hashtag #mysugarandcloth and at mention @sugarandcloth when you share it on social media so that I can keep up with them and share some favorites here on the blog. I loved this one by Callie Thorpe of her version of my DIY distressed Ikea hack shelves! You can check out her blog here. In the meantime I’ll be sharing my last DIY fruit hurrah tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Want to be featured on Sugar & Cloth?”

  1. I love this idea and how awesome it will be for you to see what your inspiring in others. Can’t wait to see all the hashtags!


  2. What a fantastic idea to showcase how others have used your creative tutorials and add their own personal taste and style, I love it!


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