We’re House Hunting: The Renter’s Edition

living room of Sugar & Cloth

When it comes to moving, I think most of us can (secretly, at least) agree on two things: One, that you’re dreading going through your junk closet anytime soon, and two, you’re going to look at your actual income allowable price range options… and also a price range I like to call the “If I struck oil, choice…”. Naturally I tend to gravitate to my IISOC (short for If I struck oil, choice, obviously) first, and then I look at my regular price range. No, I don’t like to torture myself, I just like to play decorate-the-fake-room-I-can’t-afford a lot, which is exactly what we’re going to do today.

Why, you ask? Well that’s easy, because our lease is coming up soon and I’m hoping and praying I can renew and keep all of my junk neatly tucked away (like my current living room above), but I’m going to make you suffer through house hunting options with me just in case. Don’t worry, there’s something in it for you, too, because I’ve chosen some of my current mid century furniture favorites to fake decorate with (plus I have a DIY just for this coming up later this week!)…

Before we get to decorating, these are our two hypothetical options, the first one being my “I can still afford food and savings” option with this cute little downtown space, which is really close to the studio.

my responsible choice

… or I could go big and rent something like this, but I may or may not be able to eat and I’d never be able to save enough to own my own home anytime soon, especially with the studio rent, too! But for those of you on the market that are ballin’ right now, please send me photos after you move in. Or invite me to the pool, either one will do.

my "If I struck oil" choice3d room layout

Thanks to this handy dandy 3d room planner thing that Rent.com has, I have officially mapped out our entire hypothetical apartment (aren’t you glad we’re friends?), cause Lord knows I’m hiring movers the next time, and if I can print off an exact placement sheet of where I’d want everything to go, I’m gonna do just that!

Plus I find a little bit of peace in moving knowing I can measure out which pieces of furniture will fit (literally, you can size them down to the inch with the planner!) before I move the giants things. Did I mention the time my Dad had to bring my bed up through a window when I moved to college? Yeah, we weren’t exactly BFF that day. It’s nice knowing that the listing images/prices/ratings are verified before they’re listed online (I’m only speaking from what I know about rent.com here, who even know’s about the other sites!).

All of this to say that if any of my Houston people have places you’d recommend, or more importantly, any places to avoid?! Let me know! Of course, this is all still in theory for now with the hopes I can just stay put in our current town house, but you know. I’m an over-thinker. Now let’s get to decorating…

my current mid century furniture wish list!! | sugar & cloth

cavett leather love seat // dusen dusen patterned pillows // hanging planter // elke coffee table // brentwood bar stool // small media console // flos pendant lamp // peggy sofa

These are all of the things I’m currently coveting, and they’re also a friendly size for smaller spaces, just in case!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Friday’s post, because I’ll be sharing a simple (and renter friendly) mid century wall DIY to bring a little umph to your decor!

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  1. Love the furniture choices Ashley. Thanks also for the idea in moving your furniture by using Rent.com, I’ll keep this in mind when moving to my new house. I’ve been eyeing to have my own house at Paradise Developments and currently working now with all the papers needed. Buying my first home is a really a huge commitment for me and had a lot of financial adjustment. Good luck to me!

  2. What a coincidence, “decorate the fake room I can’t afford” is MY favourite game! While the struck-oil apt is lovely, your if-I-have-to-be-a-responsible-adult choice is stunning. I love the light and view. I’ve been apartment hunting for a few months and fake decorating as I go; all I’ve determined is that I MUST have a navy velvet couch. I have to find it in my price range but since I haven’t found a new place, the hunt continues.

  3. I love this game and your “coveting” list is awesome! Our idea of family fun is model home tours. My kids (5 and 2) love it and request going every weekend! Ha. I guess love of home decor runs in the family :)

  4. I recommend if you move in the Montrose/Heights/ Downtown/ Museum area always negotiate the price or deposit. Most of the older, small complexes and some lofts are individually owned and the owners rent them out or hire small management companies in the area and they are more likely to lower prices or at least negotiate prices, since prices in those areas have gone up significantly the last couple of years.

    Make sure before you move in that everything is up to par and “make ready”. If it is not, i.e. dirty, issues, etc., ask them to knock something off the rent.

    Take pictures of anything you find that is not right (holes, chips,etc), so they can’t blame you and you get your deposit back. Some people in the area are cooler about this than others.

    No matter where you are in the city there are going to be issues. There aren’t too many places in those areas I would steer away from because almost all around those areas they are becoming more developed and a desired place to be. I’ve had my car broken into whether it was in our drive way, on the street or in a parking garage. (I’ve had bad luck with break-ins and usually nothing in the car to worth taking)

    Good luck either way! Hope you get to stay where you are, and if not definitely hire movers, they are so worth it.

  5. I love the furniture choices! Both apartments look great to me… Though the windows on the second one are incredible!

  6. House or apartment hunting is the absolute worst! I am totally with you on the junk cabinet anxiety. We are in the process of (trying to) buy a home and the thought of packing and organizing makes me break out in a cold sweat. That and our budget of course. Sheesh.