DIY // Hanging bundt cake pan planters


DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters | DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

Well you guys, the studio is finally coming together one little corner at a time! I’m super relieved since just last week it looked like it didn’t know what it wanted to be, and today it looks like minty happiness now that my new Smeg arrived (please see here for a quick vid accurately describing my feelings over it).

Clearly after kissing and hugging your new mini fridge, the next step is to decorate around it, which is exactly what I did with these DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters. I wanted to have something that was kitchen-esque to make it feel like a little mini lunch and snack station since the studio doesn’t actually have a kitchen area.

Of course you can use these anywhere and they don’t actually have to be hanging, but it’s a super inexpensive project to make and you can find amazing patterns and shapes of bundt cake pans at just about any flea market or thrift store…

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |


First, drill holes in the top edges of the planter will a drill bit that’s just a tad bit bigger than the width of the chain or *cording you’ll be using to string them up with. In my case it was a 7/64 bit for this fine cable silver chain.

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

For those of you that are familiar with jewelry making, you may be wondering why I knotted chain instead of using jump rings. There are two reasons for that, one being that jump rings hate me and I was afraid they wouldn’t hold the weight of the planter, and two being that I wanted the tutorial to be simple and quick even for those using cord or wire instead of chain. Feel free to use them if you’d like in lieu of the knots, of course!

You’ll want to drill the holes in a triangular pattern along the edges for round pans (3 holes total), and in a rectangular or square pattern for square or rectangular pans (four holes total). This will make sure the pans hang evening without tipping one direction or the other when hung. Once the holes are drilled, spray paint the pans colors of your choice.

Next, using jewelry pliers cut equal length strands of chain or *cording around 18 inches each for every hole you drill. Feed a cut chain/cord strand through each whole and knot at the bottom. Now hold all of the strands gathered together in the middle of planter. They won’t all be the same length but should be close. String the last link of the shortest chain through a split ring, (or knot the leather cord or wire if you’re not using chain).

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

All of the remaining strands need to be cut down to the same length so that the chain/cord is pulled tight evenly on all strands and attached to the same key ring. You know you’ve done this correctly if the plant is hanging evening when just holding the key ring. If not, make adjustments as necessary.

Lastly, use the chain/cording of your choice to hang the finished planters from a ceiling screw hook, and you’re all set!

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters | DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

I think my favorite part is that you can still see all of the cool patterns form below the hanging planters too! I mean, we may be brining back the budnt cake phenomenon here people!

DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters | DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters |

A big shout out to Smeg USA for providing the Sugar & Cloth studio with my dream mint green fridge, a thousand hugs to you!

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27 thoughts on “DIY // Hanging bundt cake pan planters

  1. The Sorted Hats

    This is so incredibly beautiful and simple. Can’t wait for the weekend to run out and get bundt pans. I can already imagine the pastel planters of my dreams for our new office space! Thanks, Ashley x

  2. aileepetrovic

    Hi Ashley – I’m looking for a good planter for a new ficus I’m getting and cannot find anything good in Houston or online. Is there a site where you’ve found simple white/silver/gold planters? xo

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