42 Best DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Create a memorable dinner with one of these beautiful DIY Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces ideas you can make yourself.

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Sure, Thanksgiving is centered around the food.

But every table needs a decoration to bring on a more festive mood.

So these DIY Thanksgiving table decorations will help turn any table into a Thanksgiving table in no time! 

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DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

1 — Food Board Tabletop

overhead photo of a styled thanksgiving table centerpiece decor with gourds by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Have leftover pumpkins, squash, and other fall food from cooking?

Simply set them in the center of the table and around some appetizers for an extra festive and interactive centerpiece.

This way the tabletop decor isn’t merely for looks but also for snacking.

2 — Throwback Centerpiece

Throwback Centerpiece
Photo by Studio DIY

Love disco and olden days?

Try this new take on a Thanksgiving centerpiece with a colorful cornucopia and mini disco balls.

Remember the good times and what you’re grateful for. 

3 — DIY Balloon Centerpiece

No one ever said you couldn't have your DIY balloon Friendsgiving table centerpiece and turkey too! - Sugar and Cloth - Ashley Rose - Best DIY blog - Best entertaining blog
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Love balloons or have leftovers from another party?

Use them up with this beautifully designed DIY balloon centerpiece idea.

Just be sure no kids are around to pop them throughout dinner! 

4 — DIY Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

DIY Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece
Photo by A Pumpkin & a Princess

This pumpkin centerpiece is elegant and can work for any fall gathering as well as Thanksgiving.

Plus, it’s easy to customize colors with the pumpkin and the stems and flowers inside. 

5 — Gold Leaf DIY Napkin Rings

DIY napkins rings and Thanksgiving tabletop | sugarandcloth.com
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Love your napkins? Hold them in place with these clay DIY napkin rings.

Take them up a notch with finely detailed paint on the leaves to outline stems if you want. 

6 — DIY Pumpkin Place Card Holders

DIY pumpkin leaf place cards
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Got a good deal on mini pumpkins this Halloween?

Resuse them as a DIY Thanksgiving table decor item by painting them white for your name cards.

Easy and festive, and nothing goes to waste!

7 — Rustic Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting

Rustic Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting
Photo by Sugar & Charm

Prefer a rustic vibe?

This Thanksgiving table setting uses flowers and galvanized buckets (as vases) to give off a farm to table dinner vibe. 

8 — Apples and Leaves Centerpiece

Apples and Leaves Centerpiece
Photo by Julie Blanner

Have leftover apples from your homemade cider or dessert?

Turn them into a centerpiece by intermingling them along the center of the table with stems and white candles. 

9 — Wheat Centerpiece

Wheat Centerpiece
Photo by Patterns & Prosecco

Have some matching vases?

Use them throughout the table and place some beautiful tan wheat in them for a fall-feeling table. 

10 — Foraged Flower Bouquet

Foraged Flower Bouquet
Photo by Lars

Love going to the mountains and picking your own fall flowers or have a great deal at your local flower shop?

Set them up in this DIY foraged flower bouquet.

It’s easy and cheap to do and will dress up any table. 

11 — Pumpkin Menu

Pumpkin Menu
Photo by The MerryThought

Not sure what to do with your leftover Halloween pumpkin(s)?

Make them into a menu for Thanksgiving to let everyone know in the most fall way possible what delicious plates are on the menu.

All you need is some paint and/or a beautiful permanent marker. 

12 — Woven Paper Table Runner

Woven Paper Table Runner
Photo by Club Crafted

Have lots of leftover paper from various crafts?

Use it with this woven paper table runner.

It’s easy to craft, doesn’t require a trip to the store (unless you want special paper), and can be recycled after dinner! 

13 — White Centerpiece

White Centerpiece
Photo by Tone on Tone

Regardless of your decor situation, you can never go wrong with all-white.

This beautiful centerpiece is elegant yet rustic and uses up old gourds, antlers, and pinecones. 

14 — Gourd and Pinecone Centerpiece

Gourd and Pinecone Centerpiece
Photo by A Piece of Rainbow

Looking for a classy, not-in-the-way, but present centerpiece?

This gourd and pinecone centerpiece is so simple to put together and will look great while not hiding the face from someone across the table (like some flower centerpieces). 

15 — Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar Centerpiece
Photo by Somewhat Simple

It’s important to remember what Thanksgiving represents, and this centerpiece helps you keep that in mind.

Plus, it’s interactive, so you can talk about it over dessert. 

16 — Harvest Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Harvest Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Photo by Spoon Fork Bacon

Whether you have your own garden and an abundance of veggies or have leftover unused vegetables from cooking the Thanksgiving meal, make them an even bigger star of the show by using them as a centerpiece

17 — Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece
Photo by We R Memory Keepers

Love the idea of cornucopia, but your local store is all out?

Make your own and stuff them as you want (gift bags, anyone?) for an elegant crafty centerpiece this Thanksgiving.

18 — Tiered Centerpiece

Tiered Centerpiece
Photo by Design Improvised

This tiered centerpiece is a great way to show off your fall harvest or put little Thanksgiving desserts on.

It’s simple to put together, too, depending on what you have on hand! 

19 — Tin Punched Votive Candles

Tin Punched Votive Candles
Photo by A Beautiful Mess

There is something mesmerizing about looking at tin-punched items with light behind them.

It’s calming to watch.

These easy DIY candles are a great way to keep the table lit.

20 — DIY Color Wrapped Wheat Decor

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat Decor
Photo by Inspired by Charm

Want something colorful but not too colorful?

These DIY color-wrapped wheat are the perfect decor for that.

They’re not loud in color but definitely pop more than a classic vase of wheat would. 

21 — Green and Copper Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Green and Copper Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Photo by Bless Er House

Green and copper are a beautiful combination and are perfect for fall.

And this thanks to the pastel green coloring, this  Thanksgiving centerpiece is easy to customize depending on what you have on hand and could be used for Easter and other fall holidays.

22 — Natural Green Thanksgiving Table Setting

Natural Green Thanksgiving Table Setting
Photo by Know How She Does It

It’s hard to beat Mother Nature, and this Thanksgiving table setting proves that.

It’s leafy, with small additions of white and gold throughout. Beautiful for any table on any occasion. 

23 — DIY Autumnal Floral Centerpiece

DIY Autumnal Floral Centerpiece
Photo by Birds Party

This beautiful autumnal floral centerpiece is a great addition to any dinner table or entryway.

Plus, if you use fake flowers, it could even work for a winter dinner party too.

Just don’t tell anyone that they’re Autumn florals!

24 — Pumpkin-Filled Planter

Pumpkin-Filled Planter
Photo by 724 South House

If you have more leftover pumpkins than you know what to do with, make them the center of attention with this pumpkin-filled planter.

It’s easy to put together at the last minute and can be taken apart easily after dinner too. 

25 — Terrarium Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Terrarium Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Photo by CB2

It’s easy to find some cheap terrariums, and you might have one on hand!

Fill it up with florals, and you’re on your way to a beautiful but subtle Thanksgiving centerpiece

26 — Vintage Thanksgiving Table Decor

Vintage Thanksgiving Table Decor
Photo by Sarah Joy

Have a leftover basket or pallet (if you’re handy) that you want to upcycle?

Make it into a beautiful centerpiece filled with flowers and candles.

Use white candles and change out the flowers so this centerpiece can be used year-round. 

27 — DIY Antler Centerpiece

DIY Antler Centerpiece
Photo by Julie Blanner

This easy DIY antler centerpiece is the perfect rustic midwestern project to put on your Thanksgiving table this year.

Plus, tt can easily be taken apart and put together. 

28 — DIY Confetti-stuffed Turkey Centerpiece

DIY Confetti-stuffed Turkey Centerpiece
Photo by Studio DIY

This is a great centerpiece to do with kids.

It’s customizable in colors, so you can coordinate it with your home decor.

Plus, it’s fun for kids to pull apart the turkey leg and for the confetti to come out.

Just be ready to clean up a lot of paper at the end. 

29 — Candle and Coffee Bean Centerpiece

Candle and Coffee Bean Centerpiece
Photo by Calm Cradle

For a centerpiece that smells as good as it looks, this candle and coffee bean decor is the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s Thanksgiving table. 

30 — Rustic Bohemian Thanksgiving Table Decor

Rustic Bohemian Thanksgiving Table Decor
Photo by Alice Wingerden

Fan of the rustic bohemian vibe?

This centerpiece will be perfect for you thanks to its simplicity by using only what you already have around your house — cacti, pumpkins, and candles. 

31 — Rusty Lantern Table Centerpiece

Rusty Lantern Table Centerpiece
Photo by Serendipity Refined

Have an old lantern (or desk light cover) or found a good deal at the craft store?

This rusty lantern table centerpiece is a great way to provide light to the table in a classic yet rustic way. 

32 — Metallics and Whites

Metallics and Whites
Photo by Blooming Homestead

This metallic and white centerpiece is perfect for those woodworking DIYers who are great with their hands.

Depending on what metallic objects you have on hand, run to the local secondhand store and pick up some white and metallic candles or vases to help set this up. 

33 — 5-Minute Fall Table Setting

5-Minute Fall Table Setting
Photo by Julie Blanner

It’s hard to beat last-minute projects that come together easily.

And this 5-minute fall table setting only involves candles, oranges (or fruit of choice, really), pinecones, and some branches/leaves. 

34 — Sunflower Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Sunflower Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Photo by Made by Carli

This sunflower Thanksgiving centerpiece (and name tags) is a great way to flower power your table in a classy way.

Use sticks and willow from your yard or your local dollar store to help outline the sunflowers. 

35 — Modern Branch Centerpiece

Modern Branch Centerpiece
Photo by Design Improvised

Grab some branches from your yard and some colored paper, and cut up some leaves to stick on these branches.

It makes great use of the fall branches lying around the yard and can be coordinated with your home’s color scheme easily. 

36 — Elegant Greenery Centerpiece

Elegant Greenery Centerpiece
Photo by Just Destiny Mag

This is a great addition to a lot of the other centerpieces on this list.

Grab a fake leafy vine (or real, if you can) and weave it throughout the other centerpiece items to add a more natural, wholesome feeling to the table. 

37 — Pumpkins and Candlelight Centerpiece

Pumpkins and Candlelight Centerpiece
Photo by Rooms for Rent

Pumpkins and candles, how could this centerpiece not personify fall?

Take it up a notch with pumpkin-spiced candles for extra fall intensity. 

38 — Natural Reeds

Natural Reeds
Photo by Sugar & Charm

Grab a beautiful vase and some natural reeds and willows for this tasteful centerpiece.

Since real reeds actually shed a lot and could leave pieces all over the Thanksgiving table (and in the food), opting for fake reeds are the way to go.

39 — Pom-Pom Vase Centerpiece

Pom-Pom Vase Centerpiece
Photo by Damask Love

If you have yarn projects around the house, then you know how often a project is finished.

And you probably still have a sizable amount of yarn left over.

So upcycle them into a pom-pom vase centerpiece that can be used for any occasion (colors depending, of course). 

40 — Dark Blue and Earth Toned Décor

Dark Blue and Earth Toned Décor
Photo by The February Fox

Rather than trying metallic and bright, go for dark and earthy.

Dark blue napkins, deep gold willows, and white pumpkins make this toned decor piece perfect for those looking for a darker-colored decoration this Thanksgiving. 

41 — Fruit Kabob Turkey Pumpkin

Fruit Kabob Turkey Pumpkin
Photo by Happy Home Fairy

For a centerpiece that you can gobble up, this fruit kabob turkey pumpkin is the way to go.

It’s adorable in design, delicious in taste, and easy to put together.

Set it out for your guests while dinner finishes cooking, or have it as a healthy dessert.

The possibilities are endless! 

42 — Thanksgiving Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Dough Bowl Centerpiece
Photo by D’Amore 1896

This is a delicate centerpiece perfect from the first day of fall until winter.

It smells great, thanks to the potpourri, and takes only five minutes to put together once you have all the “ingredients” for this dough bowl centerpiece. 

Thanksgiving Recipes

So now that you have your Thanksgiving decor ideas, here are a few favorite dinner recipes to serve —


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