A Living Room Reno Update + The Weekly Edit

But for real, how is it already Friday again?! I feel like I JUST wrote a weekly edit post, haha! Rather than bombarding you on IG stories with more photos that look like something from Extreme Hoarders, I thought I’d share a living room reno update here instead.

We finally found a good contractor thanks to some of your Houston recommendations, and so I’m feeling hopeful that we’ll be back on track before baby again! Thank goodness! I could literally cry from happiness actually.

Our living room now has the wainscoting installed all the way around. The electric fireplace is being built out this weekend with tiling going up on Tuesday! Shew! Fingers crossed we can get the painters here over the weekend as well and by some miracle get our final reveal post up so, so soon.

Also, this might be the world’s most popular couch and rug combo ever seeing as how you all ask me about it every time on stories! We’re LOVING it so far, so pretty and super comfy.

In the meantime, here are some photos to make you feel better about how your house looks over the weekend, plus some weekend links for entertainment…

A Living Room Reno Update + The Weekly Edit

The wainscoting will be all white by the weekend, hopefully! New sconces going in….and very excited to get things back off of the floor! All of our things from the first floor and third floor are in the living room while the floors are being refinished, insane!

A Living Room Reno Update + The Weekly Edit

They say they’re mean, but this makes me want a pet koala bear!

WHAT in the actual world?! I would NEVER!

Have you seen our new stuff?

The sweetest thing you’ll read all week.

Why marriage comes before parenting, what are your thoughts?!

My favorite thing I’ve made in a long time!

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4 thoughts on “A Living Room Reno Update + The Weekly Edit”

  1. Hello there!

    Wow am I glad I had stumbled upon your office renovation image on instagram. I have been on the look-out for quite some time, for someone to relate to. Regarding finding the balance between personal lifestyle, being you, finding a passionate career – and staying bright.

    I’d love to become a part of your journey, and in turn find inspiration and create something just as wonderful within my own context. South Africa.

    May I ask, how’d you start writing? I have só many drafts piling up – content either too personal, too on one topic… Or even just the thought, who will read this?

    Oh I’d love to ask, for a hand as pen pal?

    I’ve been experiencing a social-awkwardness within my family and friends, as they either laugh at the idea,or share their appreciation with the brave concept -but no further assistance or direction.

    That’s me for now. See you around!
    Good luck with the week ahead.

    Love to hear from you.

    • Thanks so much for all of the kind words, Ruejean! I hope this is a happy place for you to feel inspired! I totally recommend a creative outlet such as a blog, tumblr, etc. I started the blog several years ago which you can read about here. Sometimes you just have to hit publish on your drafts even when it feels a bit scary! Everyone has to start somewhere! Wishing you all the best, and sending hugs and love from Texas! xo

  2. First of all, that wedding photo?? WHAT THE ACTUAL F?!?!?!?!? I am all for a little edge and a spit in the face of tradition but NO.
    Even though I don’t have kids, I 100% agree that marriage comes first. This is something my parents actually TOLD ME when I was little. That I was NOT their first priority (as an only child you can imagine the blow to my ego.) It’s too bad that this has to be reiterated and explained…that people would actually reel and be outraged. But it’s totally true.

    • Hahaha right?! I was just in complete shock when I saw those pictures, like what even. And thanks so much for sharing Kristina! Always appreciate your insight! xo


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