A New Look, New Collaboration + The Weekly Edit

DIY Balloon Cake Topper by top Houston lifestyle Blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

To say a lot happened this week is not an exaggeration. The Sugar & Cloth site got a new look! What do you think of our new re-design?

We celebrated with lots of cake! This facelift has been on our wishlist for the past 2 years. We wanted a more editorial magazine layout.

And you know us, we just love piling new to-do’s to our heavy workload. Hah! Transferring over years of old content and images was no small task so our site was down for a few hours.

Shout out to our team at Chloe Digital. They assisted us on the backend to bring all our new wants, needs and features to a reality. There’s still LOTS of kinks to work out so please bear with us.

If you see something wonky, don’t be shy. Leave us a comment. And thanks for being patient!

While all this has been happening, the home renovation is still moving along. It’s now almost 7 months past the original deadline so at this point, we are just happy when any task is done.

One Room Challenge Living Room

Here’s what is finished so far:

  • Studio and craft closet: The buildout is complete, but its still a hot mess after we unloaded everything out of the POD! We have yet to organize the workspace.
  • Living room: Done! Even all the wall decor is up. Call us crazy, but we might change some things around.
  • Dining room: Completed! We actually have a place to eat!
  • Guest bedroom: We just revealed the room this week and may have to make it our temporarily family bedroom for now.

Currently almost complete:

  • Kitchen: There are some small doors and fixtures missing, but all the appliances have been installed.
  • Gwen’s bedroom: We’re still waiting for some furniture to arrive. Gwen’s in for a treat! This is definitely now a big-girl room and will look nothing like her old nursery!

In hindsight, we thought all these rooms would be the easiest so we tackled them first. Surprise, surprise! These rooms ended up doing the most damage to our timeline, sanity and wallet.

Unplanned foundation fix-ups, new plumbing, AC and electrical — the list goes on and on. And we don’t even have a real bed to sleep in at the end of the night! Word of advice, conqueor the master bedroom first during any home renovation!

This weekend we head out to Austin to photograph our upcoming Olivia + Ocean swimwear collaboration. We’re excited to reveal our mommy and daughter matching swimwear designs. For now, enjoy our weekly reads!


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  1. I’ve been re-doing my website as well, so I know how much work it is. Yours looks great! I did notice that the “HOME” button in the top left corner doesn’t seem to be working. I was able to get to your home page by clicking on your site name though. :)

    1. Thanks, Kara! We noticed that too! It works but you really have to move your mouse over it and it isn’t as easy as the other menus. Seriously, thanks so much for your input because sometimes we wonder if it’s just our computers! XOXO

  2. So clever! I love the monochromatic look with the texture of the shapes. Has a little bit of a Louise Nevelson vibe to it.

    1. Sorry! That comment was directed at the DIY Cricut artwork you just posted. Ended up commenting on the wrong post. Whoops!

      1. It’s okay! We think some people have been doing the same so looking into seeing if the commenting section can be more visible! XOXO

  3. i HAD to get crocs because i broke a toe and even to this day, those are the only shoes that fit. and i will admit, buying them and wearing them broke me down a liiiiittle bit BUT they are comfortable.
    ….and at least they now have cuter designs.
    ….and if it helps, at least the kids ones are cute. i think those i could get behind about 100%

    1. Oh gosh! That toe injury sounds horrible. We didn’t realize that you had to break them in. Honestly, we’ve tried new ones and they’re comfy so we can’t imagine how much more comfortable they’d be after breaking them in!