Baby Shower + The Weekly Edit

pink floral arrangement on a table

Happy Sunday! We’ve spent the day resting up after a drive thru baby shower that we hosted for my sister in law yesterday. 

I have to say that of all of the things that have come from 2020, the drive through baby shower trend is actually pretty nice!

Sometimes I feel totally zapped by the time a traditional party even starts because I used all of my energy on the party prep, so this was a surprisingly nice change of pace. 

I’ll be sharing a full blog post on the details of how we set everything up since a lot of you asked about that via Instagram a few weeks ago. 

two little girls in a swing

We’ve also been soaking up every single minute that we can outside before the Houston weather gets too warm again.

It’s hard to tell by Lulu’s perpetually serious expressions, but she LIVES for being outdoors! 

Now, for the weekly reading links…

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The Weekly Edit

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