DIY Candied Valentine’s Day Printables

We’re sharing these free DIY Candied Valentine’s Day Printable Cards to download and give that are sweet as candy (literally).

DIY valentines day printables

As you know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

So I, Victoria am here with some free DIY Candied Valentine’s Day Printables that you can download and give.

They’re one of our favorite DIY Valentine’s gift ideas.

I made them very simple so that you can use your creativity and decorate any way you want.

But here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

DIY valentines day printables

Materials and Tools Needed to Make DIY Candied Valentine’s Day Printables

“Perfect Match” downloadable print

“You Rock My Word” downloadable print

“You Melt My Heart” downloadable print

“Happy Valentine’s Day” downloadable print

Standard letter 8.5” x 11” card stock


Gifting treats — Rock candy sticks, stickers, candy, hot cocoa, heart shaped marshmallows, whatever you’d like to use!

DIY valentines day printables

How to Make Valentine’s Day Printables

This is such an easy project!

Simply download the free printable, print them out, cut them and attach them to your sweet treats.

I found some pink jumbo marshmallows and used heart shaped cutters to cut out little hearts.

Then, I bagged them together in a package with a vial of hot cocoa powder.

I have to admit, I may have gone a little candy crazy.

I also filled vials and vials with those cute (and yummy) heart candies.

Another idea is to package the tags with strawberry rock candy sticks.

You can purchase rock candy online, at any candy store, grocery store or party store.

Such a fun (and yummy) project!

Download the Free Printables Here

perfectmatch rockmyworld vday









DIY valentines day printables

More Easy Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

Love this holiday project?

For more Valentine’s Day DIY’s, sweet recipes and gift ideas, check out a few of our favorites from the archives below —

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  5. These are amazing! Excited to make them but it looks like the links to download the files still are not working :( (I’m on a mac if that helps).

  6. These are so darling. I am having trouble downloading though. It just keeps taking me back and forth to both of your sites. Would you have a moment to advise? Thank you so very much!

  7. These are so sweet!! I love the rock candy… genius! Can’t wait to see more from Victoria on Sugar & Cloth!!

  8. I agree, Ashley! I’m so happy to see her contribute to the creative world! I love your blog too! Can’t wait to check it out! :)