Thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special with these sweet and thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. All you need is a little time and lots of love!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

We gathered 27 of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for this year because nothing is as special as a homemade gift! So pick one or more of these fun DIY’s to master for this year’s celebration of love.

Whether you are celebrating a friendship or your soulmate, Valentine’s Day is special holiday for everyone!

Yes, the typical store-brought chocolates and stuffed bears make great gifts. But you can make your significant other feel extra loved with a homemade present!

So make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special with these sweet and thoughtful DIY gifts. All you need is a little time and lots of love!

 Creative Amazing Valentine Gifts

1 – DIY You’re Dynamite Valentines

DIY You're Dynamite Valentines - Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bang with these DIY You’re Dynamite Valentine’s party favors to fill up with goodies.

2 – DIY Snack Board Printable Love Markers

DIY Chocolate and Cheese Board Printable Love Markers by top Houston lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Tell your significant other how you really feel with these subtle, but fun DIY snack board printable love markers.

3 – DIY Faux Flower Gift Topper Stickers

The perfect Mother's Day gift wrapping: DIY faux flower gift topper stickers by Sugar & Cloth - houston blogger
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

With only 4 simple supplies, you can elevate your Valentine’s Day gifts to a whole new level by trying out these DIY faux flower gift topper stickers. It’s a creative wrapping idea to spruce up any gift box.

4 – DIY Boob Macarons & Valentines Printables

DIY Boob Macarons & Printables
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Whether it is Galentines or Valentines, these DIY boob Macarons printables are the perfect gift to put a smile on your besties face!

5 – DIY Flip Photo Album

A DIY Flip Photo Album for your Desktop! by lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth - Houston
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you love polaroids as much as we do, check out our DIY flip photo album. It is the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. You can also include your favorite photos.

6 – DIY Candied Valentine’s Day Printables

DIY valentines day printables
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Download these fun and free printables and just attach them to your candy of choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones.

7 – Date Idea Arrows

DIY date idea arrows
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Valentine’s Day is all about letting your S.O. know you love them. What better way to do that than Date Idea Arrows!

8 – Printable Friendship Bracelet Valentine

Photo by the House That Lars Built

Homemade valentines are always extra special! Gift these heart friendship bracelets with the cutest printables for the upcoming holiday.

9 – DIY Bath Tea

Give the gift of relaxation with DIY bath salts. If you can, store the bath salts in a glass container so that so you can see all the herbs! This gift also pairs well with our popular sand art sugar scrub.

10 – Origami Heart Flower Bouquet

Photo by Design Improved

Gift a bouquet that will never die for Valentine’s Day this year with a simple DIY origami heart bouquet. Once you master the folding, you will have a DIY gift in no time!

11 – Somebody Loaves You Valentine

Photo by Kristi Murphy

Make sure your friends (and their stomaches) feel loved this Valentine’s Day with this fun Valentine’s Day loaf idea. Purchase a store bought loaf to make this DIY extra easy or use one of our homemade copycat banana bread recipes! Then, simply use the free printable available in the tutorial.

12 – DIY Candy Box

Photo by Mama Miss

Take any craft organizer and turn it into your new DIY candy box for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Customize your partner’s favorite candy to make it extra sweet!

13 – Date Night Jar

DIY’s are endless when it comes to mason jars. Spice up your relationship this holiday with a DIY date night jar. This tutorial even includes date suggestions so it will definitely also make the perfect additional to a date night basket.

14 – Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are promised to add extra relaxation to your ladies nightly bath. These DIY heart-shaped bath bombs are the perfect Valentine. You could even add a special note to each to make it even more special!

15 – Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Keep your partner nice and smooth this Valentine’s Day with some homemade strawberry sugar scrub. Store it in any container you can find around the house for an even more inexpensive gift!

16 – Pop-Up Photo Box

Photo by Brit + Co

A picture is worth a thousand words so say a lot with a fun DIY pop-up photo box for any holiday.

17 – DIY Vinyl Heart Candles

Say I love you with these easy DIY vinyl heart candles for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Hit up your local craft store for the perfect blank candles!

18 – Clay Earrings

Surprise your loved one with a touch of handmade elegance with these DIY clay earrings. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these unique earrings allow you to personalize the design. They also work as unique birthday gifts.

19 – Champagne Gummy Bears

Every celebration deserves champagne gummy bears! Especially the celebration of love!

20 – Red Wine Lollipops

Photo by Sprinkle Bakes

Red wine is a staple for Valentine’s Day so why not enjoy a glass with a yummy red wine lollipop! They are even heart shaped!

21– DIY Geometric Vase

Gift your loved one flowers for Valentine’s Day in this colorful DIY geometric vase. You can even customize the colors to fit their favorite colors!

22 – Photo Keychain DIY

These easy DIY photo keychains are a simple gift that will keep on giving every time they come home and unlock their door. Plus, they make for a sentimental personalized Valentines Day gift.

23 – Map Coasters


If you have a good memory (unlike us) put the location of a first date or maybe a first kiss on these unique DIY map coasters. All you need is Mod Podge and tiles to turn those maps into keepsakes! It also makes for a great personalized anniversary gift idea!

24 – Paper Bag Planter

Create a heartfelt and eco-friendly gift with this DIY paper bag planter. Crafted with love, this charming plant holder transforms a simple paper bag into a stylish vessel for a small potted plant, offering a unique and sustainable expression of affection.

Perfect for plant enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates a touch of greenery, it’s a thoughtful and handmade way to celebrate love and growth.

25 – Fabric Wrapped Bouquet

DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquets for Gifting by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Have a special someone in your life who loves flowers? Present them with an oh so pretty DIY fabric wrapped bouquet that is a lot more unique than the store plastic wrap.

26 – Galentines Wall Art Printable

DIY printable inspiration artwork prints by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Frame these DIY inspiration wall Art printables for any occasion, but they would be perfect for a Galentine’s Day party with your besties!

27 – Funny Printable Valentine’s Greeting Cards

DIY funny printable valentines cards - sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Make your friends smile this Valentine’s Day with our DIY funny printable Valentine’s cards, and there’s even one just for your cat loving bestie!

28 — Outer Space Valentines for Kids

DIY outer space printable for a DIY Valentine's Day gift
Photo by Studio DIY

Looking for something healthy and allergy friendly? We love this fun DIY outer space printable that takes less than 20 minutes to assemble.

29 — Love Potion Bath Salts Set

DIY bath gel love potions with @marthastewartliving supplies
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Gift them one of our DIY love potion bath salts. It’s a thoughtful and romantic way to pamper your loved one.

30 — Heart Crochets

DIY crochet hears for diy valentines gifts
Photo by The Spruce

For the ultimate personalized Valentine’s Day gift, try this DIY heart crochet project. Whether you choose to make adorable heart-shaped coasters or a cozy washcloth, these handmade creations showcase the warmth of your affection. With each stitch, you’re crafting a practical and heartfelt token of love that your special someone can cherish daily.

31 — Hand Stamped Scarf

DIY Valentines Scarves
Photo by Brit+Co

Gift them with a DIY hand stamped scarf adorned with charming heart design, a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Crafted with care and personalized just for them, this handmade scarf adds a touch of warmth and style to their wardrobe. 

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