Easy DIY Valentine’s – DIY You’re Dynamite Valentines

Easy DIY Valentine’s — Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bang with these DIY You’re My Dynamite Valentine’s party favors to fill up with goodies.

Easy DIY Valentine's - photo of DIY You're dynamite valentine

In case you were ever wondering if there was such a thing as friendly dynamite… the answer is yes. Not only is this DIY friendly, but it’s full of pretty surprises and love notes.

At least, my version is with this DIY You’re Dynamite Valentine. Can you guess what this little bundle of Cupid is made of? That’s right, an old seasoning container. 

Let’s not pretend that you aren’t looking for a good reason to buy the hot chocolate mix or can of Pringles.

And I’m happy to support the habit for you to recycle them to make inexpensive “I love you’s”.

If you are one of the die hards still sticking to your New Year’s resolution, you can just use an old mailing tube…

DIY you're dynamite valentine

Materials and Tools Needed To Make The Easy DIY Valentine’s

Old kitchen food container or mailing tube

Card stock — We used Martha Stewart’s Striped Card Stock. You can also use patterned scrapbook paper

Tacky glue


White spray paint

Drill or Xacto knife

Foam brush or pouncer

Cotton cording or shoe string

Red adhesive felt

Goodies to fill your dynamite with

DIY you're dynamite valentine

How To Make The Easy DIY You’re Dynamite Valentine’s

1 — First, spray paint your container a solid white.

2 — Once the container is dry, use a drill or Xacto knife to create a small whole in the top of the lid.

3 — String a small piece of cord through the hole, and make a knot on the inside to keep it firm in place.


DIY you're dynamite valentine

4 — Next, cut a piece of card-stock to the same height as your container. Glue the card-stock around the outside by brushing tacky glue around the container. Then, wrap the paper around and press firmly.

5 — To make the flame at the end of the cord, cut adhesive red felt into a flame or teardrop shape and stick the pieces to each other with the cord in the middle.

DIY you're dynamite valentine

6 — Lastly, fill your container with candies, sweet nothings, and of course, the token love note.

DIY you're dynamite valentine

Goodie Ideas To Put Inside Your Valentine’s Day Crafts

Heart shaped candies and lollipops

Rose infused homemade caramels

Valentine’s Day cards

Gift cards

Mini craft clips

Kids items ideas — Stamps, balls, stickers, tattoos, bubbles, Ring Pops and Play-Doh

Beauty items ideas — Chapstick, lip gloss, mini nail polish, mini nail files and spiral hair ties

A DIY Valentine’s Day gift is more personable than a store bought present. Don’t you think?

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