Best Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Having a Valentine’s Day party? Celebrate with these fun Valentine’s day party ideas, complete with décor, food, games, and other fun activities.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to let your creative side shine. If you want your Valentine’s Day party to be something that everyone will remember, then the trick is to invite some fun-loving people. (And don’t forget to think beyond the traditional chocolates.)

A great V-Day bash (or even Galentine’s Day gathering) begins and ends with perfect planning. With our creative list of activities, you can throw a party that will make all hearts flutter.

Whether it be an intimate gathering or a luxurious event, hosting your own celebration is sure to bring out the sparks and create lasting memories for everyone involved. 

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas & Themes

1 — Set up a DIY photo booth.

2Pcs Valentines Party Decorations Backdrop, 3.28 x 6.56 Ft Foil Heart Backdrop Valentines Door Decor, Heart Streamer Red Fringe Backdrop Valentines Favors for Anniversary, Birthday Wedding Engagement

Looking for something fun and memorable to include at your next event? Photo booths have become the go-to choice. Set up a photo booth station with props that fit the day’s theme.

We suggest gathering paper hearts, teddy bears, bows and arrows, and love letters (or perhaps even craft some yourself!) Then, place a selfie stick nearby for guests to use to capture those timeless memories. You can be sure everyone will appreciate this unique touch.

2 — Romantic Comedy Movie Night Theme

We love this beautiful outdoor movie night setup that not only works for a Valentine’s Day party but also an adult party for any occasion also.

Moms and Munchkins also through a clever movie night party that featured a fun food setup with playful labels. Serve “Mint to Be” mint parfaits, “engagement” onion rings, “wedding reception” toasts and more!

3 — Wine and Chocolate Party Theme

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like wine and chocolate. So why not combine the two into one fabulous evening? Create an indulgent snack station for your guests by displaying a selection of chocolates alongside popcorn, chips, and other treats. This Valentine’s Day party idea includes a guide for which specific chocolates pair well with each type of wine.

4 — Valentine’s Day Craft Party Theme

Host a Valentine’s Day craft party! It’s the perfect time to let their creativity run wild. Set up a craft table full of supplies such as foam hearts, glitter, jewels, markers, and more. Ask your guest to pick their favorite craft item from the table or provide them with instructions on how to make a specific craft. 

A few craft activities that adults and kids can take part in include decorating candy jars, making heart garlands, or crafting cards. These simple DIY projects will make an excellent memento and are perfect for sprucing up Valentine’s Day celebrations.

5 — Donut Themed Valentine’s Day Party 

This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate with a donut-themed gathering for you and your friends who share your love of sugary treats and warm milk? Begin by sprucing up the background with a banner boasting “Donuts”. Then, add some whimsy to your decor with candles, balloons, and tablecloths in pink and red hues.

Set up a donut bar to ensure there are enough sugary goodies for everyone to enjoy. You can even add a personal touch by having guests decorate their own heart shaped donuts using brightly-colored fondant, edible glitter, and sprinkles. Place milk jugs and mugs around the table for a nice cozy feel.

6 — Valentine’s Day Science Party for Kids Theme

science party for kids is always a fun way to explore different activities. Transform your space into a bubbly beaker by using masking tape to design an oversized flask and decorating it with balloon “bubbles” pouring out. 

Take it up a notch by using Periodic Table elements to make Happy Valentine’s Day banner. To complete the science-themed atmosphere, set up a delectable dessert and beverage station under an eye-catching backdrop. 

Transform your Valentine’s celebration into a science-filled adventure with an array of cupcakes, candy, and pink drinks displayed in beakers and graduated cylinders. Add some droppers for extra laboratory fun. Make experimenting fun with a few Valentine-themed activities, such as creating exploding hearts, making your own lava lamp, or crafting a balloon heart. 

7 — Pucker Up Party Theme

Pucker Up Valentine's Day Party
Photo by Studio DIY

Valentine’s is all about smooches and kisses so this Pucker Up Party totally runs with the theme. There’s even tutorials and printables on how to jazz up a regular plain cake with edible kisses. Break out the lipstick to decorate balloons with kisses. And decorate your glasses with edible DIY gold lips.

8 — Pizza Party Theme

Turn up the love and the oven heat with a pizza party this Valentine’s Day! Gather your favorite people for a cheesy, saucy, and downright delightful celebration.

Customize your pizzas, share laughter over slices, and enjoy a night filled with love, friendship, and the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pizzas. It’s a fun and delicious twist on Valentine’s Day that will leave everyone saying, ‘That’s amore!’

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

1 — Rose Martini

rose water cocktail - clear shot of the cocktail
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Make this Valentine’s Day an extraordinary one with a romantic Rose Martini cocktail. This beautiful pink and bubbly drink is sure to add sparkle to the celebration.

Start by combining ice, vodka, pink gin, peach schnapps, orange bitters, rosewater, honey, and rose simple syrup into a cocktail shaker. After a few vigorous shakes, strain the contents into chilled martini glasses and garnish with a rose petal.

2 — Pink Gin Spritz

pink ladies drink recipe - a single serving of pink cocktail drink
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This delightful Pink Gin Spritz will be the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day party. Simply combine pink gin, Prosecco, and tonic water in a glass. Then, top off the concoction with some delightful pink tonic.To finish it off, garnish the drink with one thin-sliced raspberry and lime wheel for an extra touch of beauty.

3 — Sorbet Champagne Float

Strawberry and Rose Sorbet Champagne by Sugar & Cloth, an award wining DIY, home decor, and recipes blog.
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Toast to your special Valentine’s Day with an exquisite Sorbet Champagne Float that is sure to make the evening unforgettable.

Simply add one scoop of strawberry and rose sorbet into each champagne flute and fill it with champagne. Garnish each glass with a heart-shaped strawberry and dried rose petals for an extra touch of beauty.

4 — Berry Punch 

Mixed berry punch recipe & brass drink tag DIY |
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Spoil your guests this Valentine’s Day with a delectable and revitalizing berry punch. Begin by merging sparkling grape juice, Simply Juice Drink Mixed Berry, and a hint of syrup or honey in an exquisite punch bowl. Add frozen berries and freeze-dried strawberries to the mixture as well, followed by some lemon slices.

5 — Rosé Champagne & Floral Sprinkles Cocktail 

rose cocktail with floral sprinkles |
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Last but certainly not least, serve up a delightful Rosé Champagne & Floral Sprinkles Cocktail for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.

For a fun and flavorful cocktail, combine vodka, grapefruit juice, rosé brut, and simple syrup in an ice-filled shaker. Shake vigorously until it’s cold to the touch. Strain into glasses and top off with gorgeous rose petals or edible flowers for an extra dose of charm.

Valentine’s Day Desserts

1 — Raspberry Heart Pop Tarts 

Raspberry Heart Shaped Pop Tarts Recipe by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Show your love with a box of these delicious and delightful Raspberry Heart-Shaped Pop-Tarts. Begin by forming a heart shape from pie dough.

Subsequently, fill the center of each tart with sweet raspberry jam before sealing it shut with the second half of your pastry-created heart. Brush your pastries with the whisked egg and bake them to a glistening golden-brown perfection.

Before serving, dust on some powdered sugar for extra sweetness. Then, garnish it thoughtfully with a rose-tinted glaze and white sprinkles complemented by crunchy freeze-dried raspberries.

2 — Frosted Heart Brownies 

The Perfect Brownies For Your Valentine by Sugar & Cloth, an award winning DIY blog.
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you’re looking to give your loved ones a treat they won’t soon forget, these scrumptious frosted heart-shaped brownies could be the answer.

Start baking by prepping your favorite brownie mix in an appropriately shaped pan. Next, top it off with a lavish layer of velvety chocolate. Subsequently, cut them into hearts and decorate the tops with adorable heart-shaped sprinkles. 

3 — Homemade Heart Donuts

delicious heart shaped donut recipe
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Impress your special someone with these homemade heart donuts. They are sure to make their heart melt! Making the donuts is quite easy. To get its heart form to intact in the fryer, simply chill the dough beforehand and exaggerate its shape.

4 — Dessert Board

Raspberry Cream Cheese Dip Recipe Dessert Board
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Perfect for a large gathering and easy to put together, this dessert board idea includes a raspberry cream cheese dip recipe. Featuring fruit and different types of cookies, all you need is 5 minutes to arrange the board

5 — Valentine Arrow Cookie Picks 

DIY Valentine crrow cookie picks by Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Start by baking the different colored macarons (or use store bought ones). To assemble the tassel, stack several sheets of tissue paper at one end of a toothpick and carefully pierce it through the macaron.

Cut out mini triangles from adhesive felt and stick them onto the other side. For an extra special touch, sprinkle edible gold dust over your masterpiece and include an adorable love note for added sweetness.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

1 — Floral Punch Bowl Wreath

DIY Floral Punch Bowl Wreath + Sparkling Blackberry Mocktail Recipe by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Dress up your punch bowl with a DIY floral wreath. All you need are some fresh flowers, floral wire and wire cutters.

2 — Balloon Arch

Create a magical Valentine’s Day ambiance with a gorgeous DIY balloon arch. Adding some wispy greens throughout adds an ethereal and romantic touch.

3 — Hanging Flower Heart 

Let the vibrant beauty of a blossoming garden fill your home with these stunning DIY hanging flower heart. Simply construct an outline in the shape of a heart using chicken wire and a craft hanger.

Then, add some cheery pink faux flowers and foliage to complete this delicate design. Utilize floral tape or hot glue for secure attachment to enjoy its captivating charm for months on end.

4 — Valentine’s Day Garland

Download the shape templates to make this Valentine’s Day paper garland. And then, cut away… or Cricut away! This easy DIY also makes for a great photo booth backdrop. Plus, it’s one of many cool Cricut maker projects.

5 — Lighted Birch Trees with Heart-Shaped Ornaments

Efunly 2Pack Valentines Day Decor Lighted Birch Tree with Heart-Shaped Ornaments,USB&Battery Operated Light Up Artificial Tree for Home Indoor Bedroom Wedding Party Valentines Day Decoration

Bring a delightful and romantic atmosphere to your home this Valentine’s Day with lighted birch trees adorned with ornaments.

This pre-made piece can be used as a table centerpiece or even as part of your indoor decor. The tree is wrapped with beautiful pink and silver lights, while the heart-shaped ornaments and pink ribbon bring together the perfect Valentine’s look. 

Valentine’s Day Games 

1 — Valentine’s Minute to Win It Games

Valentine’s Minute to Win It Games
Photo by Stacy Julian

This DIY Valentine’s Minute to Win It game are the perfect way to bring friends, family, and laughter together. Challenge your guests with more classic games such as the Heart A-Stack, Love Connections, and many more with a Valentine’s Day twist. It’s sure to bring plenty of laughs and smiles to everyone.

2 — Spot the Hearts 

Spot the Hearts 
Photo by Studio DIY

Gather your family and friends for a hilarious game of DIY Spot the Hearts. Place paper hearts around your home and have everyone search to see who can collect the most.

It’s an enjoyable way to engage all ages with loads of laughter. Plus, whoever finds the greatest number wins! Try this one and get ready for endless amusement.

3 — Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates

Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates | Funny Card Game/Party Game for Adults, 3-10 Players | by Jack Dire, Creator of Superfight

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates. Players have a chance to plan the perfect date for their ‘Single,’ but watch out for those pesky Red Flag cards that can disrupt any budding relationship. No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, this game will ensure an enjoyable and hilarious night – guaranteed!

4 — Never Have I Ever Game 

Never Have I Ever Expansion Pack Two Card Game Set | Fun Game Night Party Games for Adults | New Addition to The Classic Edition | for 4+ Players | Ages 17 +

A classic game of Never Have I Ever with a Valentine’s Day twist is sure to make your night fun and memorable. Have each player take turns revealing something that they have never done.

And watch as your friends try to guess whether they are telling the truth or not. By playing rounds of romantic and lighthearted questions, you can rest easy knowing that your night will be filled with joy and boundless chuckles.

5 — Conversation Heart Bingo

Make your special Valentine’s Day celebration even more enjoyable by playing DIY Conversation Heart Bingo. Every player receives a game board packed with adorable conversation heart words.

And they must check the boxes off if they get a bingo. It’s an easy-to-play yet unique way to make memories this February 14th that will last for years to come.

6 — Valentine’s Day Outburst Game 

Valentine’s Day Outburst Game 
Photo by Play Party Plan

Bring a thrilling twist to your party by playing the DIY Valentine’s Day Outburst. This game requires players to guess as many words as they can in a certain time.

It’s an intense and energizing way to spend your night, perfect for those who love to stay active and have a lot of fun. Get ready to shout out the answers and win.

7 — Pin the Heart on the Llama

Valentine's Day Pin Games for Kids Pin The Heart on The Llama Games Pin The Bow Tie on The Llama with 36 Pcs Stickers for Kids Valentines Classroom School Party Supplies

The classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey gets a Valentine’s Day spin. Challenge your friends to a thrilling round of Pin the Heart on the Llama.

8 — Heart “Punch a Prize” Game

Create a wall of mystery and excitement with this DIY Valentine’s Day punch board. Guests take turns punching through red drinking cups to reveal their special Valentine’s Day prize. It’s a fun and interactive way to spread love and laughter, turning your celebration into an unforgettable experience.

9 — Valentine’s Day Matching Game

Conclude your unique Valentine’s Day festivity with DIY matching game. Just like traditional matching games, you need to paste these free printable dots on Hershey’s kisses and have everyone search for their pair.

This is an effortless yet enjoyable way of creating lasting memories with your close ones, whether it be family members, buddies, or even a significant other. Plus, when you win, there comes a special treat – Hershey’s kisses as a reward!

10 — Valentine’s Day Tumble Game 

Valentine’s Day Tumble Game
Photo by Tried & True

Liven up your Valentine’s Day celebration with a personalized DIY tumble game that is sure to get the party started.

Players will take turns pushing out blocks and following instructions printed on them. Enjoy this engaging and entertaining activity for both friends and family as they try their hand at creative, fun-filled challenges.

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