DIY Footed Serving Bowls

So we’re starting something new for your viewing pleasure on the weekends! I figured since we power out so much content around here, it’s bound to get lost in the mix unless you’re religiously refreshing your browser to Sugar & Cloth everyday (which, I totally support by the way!). To shine a little light on some of the cream of the crop from past projects, I’m going to share a new oldie every Sunday in case you need a rainy afternoon project.

First up for this week— these DIY footed serving bowls that I made last year for the holiday season. I just love their retro goodness so much, and hopefully you do too. You can find the DIY full project right here.

In the meantime, Jared and I have a Rhianna concert calling our names this evening (heck yes!), plus we had a fun Q&A blogger talk in the studio this morning, and a crawfish boil yesterday. It was a pretty jam-packed weekend, but I’d say we covered a little bit of everything. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend, too!

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