DIY Animal Knobs

DIY Animal Knobs — A super cute way to add character “literally” to your foyer with these customizable wooden DIY Animal Knobs.

DIY animal knobs |

Every now and then we do a DIY project just for the kids. I say that only because if I made cat animal knobs for myself I would be deemed crazy cat lady.

But if I had kids, I could just blame it on them, right? Clearly I have all of my priorities straight…

Anyways, back on track! Aileen of At Home In Love made these super cute DIY Animal Knobs that are as customizable as you could want them to be.

Let the kids (cough, cough, or yourself) pick their favorite animal and the rest is wall hook history.

DIY animal knobs |

Materials and Tools Needed To Make DIY Animal Knobs

Wooden doll heads — I used two 2” doll heads and one 2.5” doll head)

Acrylic paint

A pencil

Double-ended screws

Wine corks and straight pins — Optional

DIY animal knobs |

How To Make DIY Animal Knobs

Decide how many animal hooks you want to make and pick out the animals to paint. I picked a seal, a panda, and a fox (three of my favorites!).

But you could do just about any animal. I think a pig would be adorable too.

Buy the paint colors you’ll need for the animals you chose.

DIY animal knobs |


Next, paint each of the doll heads with a base coat. Since they have a hole in the bottom, I used this little trick to get them painted quickly.

Put a straight pin in a wine cork and then set the doll head on top of the pin. That way, you don’t have to worry about holding them carefully and getting paint on your fingers. 

DIY animal knobs |

Wait for the base coat to dry fully.

Then, take the doll heads off the pins and draw the outline of the animal faces with pencil. 

DIY animal knobs |

Next, carefully paint the details of the animal faces. I used a pencil dipped in paint for the fine details like the mouths and eyes to get a little more control.

Wait for the paint to dry again.

Then, screw one end of the screws into each DIY Animal Knob head and the the other ends into the wall.

DIY animal knobs |

More Animal DIY’s To Try

DIY animal knobs |

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  3. I love this especially for a great quality image and much helpful information for all kind of people.

    I think whom mind that’s like a little beautiful baby. who enjoy that really so much.

    Panda was my most favorite animal when I was a little kid in my own family. but still, now I love this with my growing.

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  5. Stumbled on this from Pinterest– where is that bag from? I’ve been searching for one just like that.

  6. Those are very cute! <3 I can see myself making a whole bunch of these…of cats. Does that make me a crazy cat lady? Thanks to the both Aileen and yourself for such an awesome DIY tutorial.