Cool Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas for Every Personality

Create a cool and cozy ambiance in your son’s room with these trendy boys’ bedroom paint ideas that strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to boys’ bedroom paint ideas? We totally get it! Chances are they are more focused on gaming, sports or anything other than helping you with their bedroom theme. 

When it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom, selecting the right paint color is crucial in setting the tone. The perfect hue can contribute to a calm and relaxing space, stimulate their creativity, or showcase their unique personality. 

From bold and vibrant shades to subtle and soothing tones, there is no shortage of paint colors. We rounded up some of the best boys’ bedroom paint ideas that will have you saying goodbye to boring beige walls and hello to a world filled with color, creativity and maybe even a little bit of chaos! 

Tips for Painting Kids Rooms  

Painting kids’ rooms while chaotic, allows you to transform their space into something special that is uniquely them. The hardest part will 100% be agreeing on a color palette as room paint ideas are endless.

But once you’ve got that ironed out it’s time to grab your brushes and get started! (We used these same tips when planning out a girl’s room paint too.)

Choose the right color palette:

When opting for a neutral tone, consider hues like soft beige, warm gray, or creamy white. These colors create a versatile backdrop that can easily adapt to changing styles as he grows throughout the years.

Embrace accent colors:

While going neutral is often seen as a safe choice, this doesn’t mean you should shy away from pops of color! Bring the space to life by Incorporating accent colors through furniture, bedding, decor or even an accent wall

Consider durability:

Kids are notorious for being messy and active. Selecting durable paint finishes like satin or semi-gloss will make cleaning up marks and fingerprints easier without sacrificing your style.

Prioritize safety:

Ensure you choose non-toxic paints specifically designed for children’s spaces. This way, even if they decide to explore their artistic side on the walls themselves (which may happen), it won’t cause any harm.

Involve your child:

Including your child in the decision-making process will help foster their creativity and help them feel ownership over their space. Give them controlled choices or full reigns to make the space their own. 

Because at the end of day, he is the one who has to live and sleep in the room. Maybe then they will take pride in their room and be more willing to keep it clean! We can dream can’t we?!

Boy’s Room Paint Color Ideas

1 — Circus Tent Ceiling

Circus Tent Ceiling Paint Idea for Bedroom
Photo by Tess Newall

Are you ready to be transported into a world of wonder and excitement? Step right up and feast your eyes on this mesmerizing painted circus tent ceiling. The bold red and white stripe ceiling paired with the teal green walls are both whimsical and playful and make for the cutest little man’s nursery.

The ceiling can often be forgotten and is typically left alone in most home designs. So we especially love this idea of utilizing the ceiling walls to make a statement. We did something similar with one of our old guest bedrooms

2 — Black Board & Batten Accent Wall

Black Battan Boys Bedroom Paint Idea
Photo by Bless This Nest

No teenage boy wants their room to feel like a little kid’s room. Today’s teens crave sleek, stylish spaces that allow them to express themselves and this black board and batten accent wall serves the style they crave.

It’s sleek and sophisticated but always remember that the key to going dark with your paint is to break it up with neutrals.

3 — Mountain Mural

The mountains are called with this adventurous watercolor mountain mural. This creative and unique idea will surely make your little one’s room stand out from the rest. 

Customize your color palette with a lighter and darker shade to add depth. We are quite partial to the calming blue tones but think it could easily be warmed up to change the entire tone of the mountains.

4 — Outer Space Bedroom Wall

Outer space Bedroom Paint Idea
Photo by Abbotts at Home

It seems like a rite of passage that at one point or another all little boys dream of becoming an astronaut. This DIY space bedroom wall is out of this world amazing and perfect for the novice painter and DIY’er or can be taken up a notch if you are more advanced. 

The hardest part of the whole project will be selecting your perfect deep blue (or even better black) and then the sky’s the limit quite literally! You can DIY using decals or paint your own planets and stars. We are partial to letting you and your little create your own galaxy that is uniquely him. 

5 — Orange Geometric

Photo by Sol Interiors

Unique shapes and patterns will add interest to any room. A geometric wall like this modern orange and grey teen room draws the eye and creates a focal point. 

Using the lightest of the colors in the pattern to wrap the remainder of the room blends everything together seamlessly creating a modern space he can grow into for years to come. 

6 — Chalkboard Accent Wall

Chalkboard accent wall paint
Photo by Grillo Designs

Transforming your child’s bedroom into a travel themed sanctuary is the perfect way to ignite their imagination and nurture their love for exploration. The chalkboard accent wall is the perfect addition to keep that imagination and creativity flowing. 

Chalkboard walls not only provide a fun and interactive element for kids but also serve as a functional space for drawing, writing messages, and keeping track of important notes. You also incorporate a chalkboard wall in other parts of the house like the kid’s playroom or kitchen.

7 — Superhero Skyline

Superhero Bedroom
Photo by Classy Clutter

Every superhero needs a space to unwind, recharge, and showcase their heroic accomplishments. This superhero skyline is like stepping into a comic book and would be any superhero loving boy’s dream. 

Customize your skyline to your superheroes preference. The combination of the black graffiti style skyscrapers against the crisp white walls with pops of bright vibrant colors is a total design win in our humble opinion. 

8 — Minecraft

Mine Craft Bedroom for Boys Room Paint Ideas
Photo by Target

Transform your boy’s bedroom into a Minecraft adventure with a vibrant and immersive Creeper Green theme. This paint idea brings the iconic Minecraft to life and sets the stage for endless creativity and gaming fun.

You can paint the squares, rectangles, and pixelated patterns. However, we really love how the Target team gave the interior design some dimension by also painting wood blocks in the green, yellow and orange. The blocks also serve as additional shelf display.

9 — LEGO Master

Lego room for boys painting ideas
Photo by Nicole Hoover

Legos are a favorite pastime for good reason. This Lego master boy’s room paint features bold bedroom color schemes of red, blue, black and gray geometric pattern. The space to create and build is perfect for Lego builders to create their masterpiece while incorporating their pieces as art and decor on the shelves. 

10 — Denim Wall

Denim Paint Idea for Boy's Bedroom
Photo by Heather Nest

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe our love affair with this denim wall paint technique. It gives the look of wallpaper but without the hassle or commitment while still bringing interest to the space. And you can apply the same painting technique with one of their favorite color for a linen look.

More Bedroom Ideas

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a stylish and functional bedroom that your boy will love spending time in for years to come.

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