DIY Love Letter Scroll

love letter scroll DIYlove letter scroll DIYHoly moly, I’m seriously glad it’s Friday. Technically, I’m still working quite a bit this weekend. But it being Friday just means that I survived this week. Hopefully you all had a lovely week.

And if not, can make up for it this weekend with my DIY love letter scroll that I made for Say Yes To Hoboken. Let’s be honest, how many people could really stay unhappy after opening up one of these babies? I think not many.

In other news on the home-front, we finally found a new house! After next weekend we will officially no longer be commuting an hour to work and school. (I’m doing the happy dance)! This also means that we get the pleasure of packing our whole house and moving in the next week.

So, if you’re in Houston and love boxes, bubble wrap, and cupcakes, I’d be more than happy to supply you with all of the above at my house, just let a sister know.

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