DIY Macaron Display

With all of the macaron projects we have going on around here, I decided it was finally time to give them a proper DIY macaron display!

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

Considering the crazy amount of DIY macaron projects we’ve made up until this point, I have no idea how it hasn’t occurred to me to make a cool display for them before now!

I mean, can we just talk about how amazing DIY flamingo macarons would’ve looked suspended in the air?! That’s what I call a serious missed opportunity folks.

So I’ve corrected my error and will now be putting this DIY macaron display to verrrrry good use!

We also have a (free!) DIY event coming up September 3rd that I plan on using these pretty little stands for macarons for our dessert table, so I’ll definitely be sure to share another photo of them in action with enough stands for the whole class!

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DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

Materials and Tools Needed To Make DIY Macaron Displays

1/16″ brass rods

Wire cutter

Acrylic blocks

Drill with 1/16″ drill bit


You don’t technically need a vice for this DIY, but it definitely makes drilling a straight hole into the small acrylic blocks muuuuch easier. 

You’re also not drilling all the way through the block, only 3/4 of the way through, and have it a bit raised makes knowing when to stop easier as well.




DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth


DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

How To Make DIY Macaron Displays

We drilled a single hole into each of the smaller blocks, and the large blocks we drilled two holes into.

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

Once the holes are drilled, use the bolt cutters to cut the brass rods at varying heights to add interest to the final setup.

Stick each brass rod into one of the acrylic blocks, and place a macaron on top, and you’re all set!

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

How To Prep The Macarons

If you’re using super gooey macarons, then they might not hold themselves up, so try to use thicker filling and/or chill the macarons before displaying them so that they’re a bit stronger.

OR you can very strategically stick the brass rod into the side/edge of the macaron feet/crust.

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

I can honestly say that if I walked into a bakery and saw this DIY macaron display, I might die of happiness, wouldn’t you?! I would instantly go into non-stealth Instagramming mode! #noshame

If you make you’re project, be sure to share it on our#mysugarandcloth hashtag to see it on the blog!

DIY macaron display - Sugar & Cloth

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  1. oops, I thought it was a comment to get approved into commenting. *palmface* Anyway, I am writing to ask if there’s a way to find these acrylic blocks at stores? I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Are there substitutes too? These seem to be expensive and I’d like to reuse, reduce, or recycle without buying new things.

    1. LOL. No worries! The ones that we purchased on Amazon come in a package of 3. And we did 9 total. You can find acrylic blocks at the craft stores but we’ve had better luck online. You may be able to find them cheaper on ebay. Acrylic is definitely pricey. So that’s why we reused them for the macaron display and the floating table display. Another cheap alternative is to use wood blocks but you won’t be able to get that floating effect. You could try clear coasters also.

  2. Finally realized you were talking about macaroons. I didn’t think I had ever missed a cookie. Also wondered where you got the brass and the acrylic blocks. So cute!

  3. Fun idea! I love how macaron towers look but they kinda ruin your macarons when you pull them off…this would be perfect for a wedding/bridal shower, etc. Pretty AND it keeps your macs intact.

  4. YES, lets do it…I want to see the flamingo macrons suspended in air!
    Your artistic talent with these small cookies that turn out to be beautiful creations just keep me totally amazed. Fantastic work Ashley!