Are You a Helicopter Mom Quiz + The Weekly Edit

Happy Friday! This one really couldn’t come soon enough, to be honest. It’s been a doozy of a week behind the scenes, but at least we have a “are you a helicopter mom?” quiz to keep your mind off of it for this week’s weekly edit!

This weekend I’m headed to a baby shower, have big plans to get my home-studio organized(ish) and attempt to clean up the chaos that is my house after a whirlwind week. 

Gwen was sick at the beginning of the week which is never a good start. That said, you all really pulled through on some awesome immune-boosting tips while she adjusts to daycare and I saved them to a highlight for on my “Gwen” highlight via Instagram

We’ve also been busy powering out some fall inspiration for you with the fall table decor that could easily double for Thanksgiving, DIY placemats for upcoming holiday things, and DIY coasters for year-round…

Texas Monthly + Magnolia Gwen by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth


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