5-Minute DIY Reed Diffuser


DIY reed diffuser and washi tape

I’ve been known to go a little over board with the smelly good things. I realized it was a problem when a friend politely mentioned that my cat smelled like perfume. I took it as a compliment. Needless to say, I haven’t relented on the smelly good products, especially when they’re this easy (and cost under $10).


how to make a reed oil diffuser and washi tape

2 | Fill your vase with essential oil (I used the whole bottle, hence my issues)

3 | Fill the remainder of the vase with baby oil

| Place washi tape at the end of the skewer and fold over

5 | Cut some at an angle to create mini flags

| Place skewers in the vase and tie a ribbon around to finish

polka dot washi tape

I’d just like to take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of washi tape… okay I’m done.

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52 thoughts on “5-Minute DIY Reed Diffuser

  1. Juliann

    Ive been paying $39.00 for a nice diffuser(the ones that use bamboo sticks because they hold the scent unlike the cheap sticks) and now I can make my own for only $10.00???

    I had no idea how easy and inexpensive it is to make my house smell wonderful without the harsh chemicals from air freshners and plug-ins.


  2. Jamie

    This is really cool! I’ve always liked reed diffusers but never bought them cause I didn’t know what kind of chemicals were in them. This way I can just make my own! Thanks!

    1. Sugar & Cloth Post author

      The amount of baby oil just depends on how large or small the case your using is. The oil needs to come just past halfway on the reeds. As far as the essential oils, you can use however much you want to get the strength you’re looking for. I used a whole bottle of essential oil. Hope this helps!

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  5. silvia

    thank you for the idea!but, a little question:if you fill the vase with oil, how will you clean it when the oil is over?usually this vases(and mine)has a small hole

    1. Sugar & Cloth Post author

      That’s a great question! I actually haven’t cleaned mine yet because the oil seriously lasts forever, but I do have some experiences with the concept of cleaning them from my DIY Oil & Vinegar Pourer post. Both of the pourers have small openings, but I just use a degreasing spray (Greased Lightning is what I chose). Just spray a generous amount into the bottle with a tiny bit of water and dawn dish soap and let it soak for a few hours. From my experience it should rinse clean and let it air dry.

      1. Theresa McCooey

        Hi there! I use a quick trick to clean vases and other things with small openings…I keep bird gravel or coarse sand on hand, and just put a teaspoon of it in the container with a couple of drops of dish soap, then fill half full with hot water and shake. Rinse and it’s usually sparkling clean!

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  7. Michele Clarke

    You want to use Rattan not bamboo:

    Rattan has an inner core with many hollow tubes that cover the length of the reed. This is what allows the oil to soak up the reeds. Bamboo is also hollow, but it contains nodes or knots in the middle that will block the flow of oil. Bamboo and other types of wood are not porous enough to absorb and diffuse oil.

    Read more: About Reed Diffusers | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5101688_reed-diffusers.html#ixzz1jNifgvZX

    1. Sugar & Cloth Post author

      Thanks for the tip, Michele! Rattan (or regular reed diffusing sticks) are better for allowing the scent of the diffuser to travel farther, but I’ve been using the bamboo sticks and still get the sweet smelling benefits. This DIY is mostly to show how easy it can be to recreate them with easily accessible ingredients that are very inexpensive, and can stick look just as pretty, or better, than store bought diffusers (without the bad chemicals). I’ll add a note to make sure people are more aware of the rattan as a premium option. Thanks for reading!

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  24. Melissa @ Wellness Appliances

    I did not know skewers can be used in this home made diffuser, as I have been using bamboo reeds for this purpose for a long period. Using baby oil as base oil is another new idea, earlier I used sweet almond oil for this purpose.

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  31. Lacy

    Be careful using essential oils around cats. Many of them have chemicals that cats can’t process, and they accumulate in the kitties and can lead to serious health issues.

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