Patterned DIY Candle Holder

Patterned DIY Candle Holder —  This Patterned DIY Candle Holder has just the perfect touch of pink for Valentine’s Day. Plus, you can mix and match colors for every holiday.

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

I love having people over for meals. And I’m definitely a magpie for anything that will add some fun to the table.

From breakfast to dinner, making a bit of a styling effort every now and again with some flowers, cute placements, a runner… or in this case, a Patterned DIY Candle Holder, will always set the tone. 

It immediately makes things feel just a little bit more special and indulges my inner stylist. This DIY is also super simple to make.

And even though it does involve some painting, I, Teri used the easiest pattern ever. (It looks even better when it’s not 100% perfect!).

With this monochrome base, you can change up your candle colors to fit your mood or your table colors (like pink for Valentine’s Day)!

Or even try adding some gold or copper candles for an extra luxe look…


patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

Materials And Tools Needed To Make A Patterned DIY Candle Holder

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

How To Make A Patterned DIY Candle Holder

Measure the center of your piece of wood, and then divide the distance from each long end to the middle in half again.

Mark that point with the pencil, in line with the middle point.

If the middle was 10 cm, then I’d be measuring 5cm in from either end for instance.

This marks where your candles with sit.patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and clothpatterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

Attach the correct drill bit to your drill. Holding the wood steady with one hand, drill directly into the wood from above, guided by the two pencil marks you’ve made.

Keep drilling until you’ve created enough depth for the candles to sit in firmly.

If there are any rough edges you could just sand them down.

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

Painting Your DIY Candle Holder

Next, spray the wood white.

Place the wood on a protected surface and cover with two or three light coats. Allow each coat to dry in between. 

Now for the grid.

Start by painting lines across one side and the top, leaving the other side free to hold. Try to keep the lines relatively evenly spaced, but there’s no need to measure.

I did this by starting with the middle line on each side and working out from there. A bit of unevenness and rough brush strokes adds to the effect. 

When those two sides are dry, paint the other side and then go back over with lines in the opposite direction.

Don’t forget the sides but there’s no need to bother with the bottom. Make sure you’re matching up the black lines on all sides to get the continuous pattern.

Your candles may need to be shaved slightly at the sides to fit in the holes. But after that you’re good to go!

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

More Candle And Aromatherapy DIY Ideas

I love the final affect as a centerpiece. So when you’re not using it as a table centre, it makes a great addition to any assorted shelf.

I’m already thinking this will be perfect for a certain upcoming Valentine’s dinner I might have planned. Enjoy!

In case you’re looking for a few other candle and aromatherapy DIY ideas, here are some of my favorites from the archives —

patterned #DIY candle holder - sugar and cloth

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