DIY Fancy Frill Balloons


DIY geronimo balloons fancy frill

Did you really think I was just going to get some plain-jane balloon to take photos with after my rant? Of course not! I’m going DIY Geronimo style, and that’s only because I don’t live in California for the real thing (if you do, go Geronimo!) Until then, I’ll have to stick with make shift–

P.s- Yes, these are photos from my living room, again. The similarity was just coincidence due to my balloon excitement.

1 | 36″ balloon(s)

2 | Tissue Paper/ Metallic Sheets/ Your choice of material for tassels (I used plastic tablecloths)

3 | Ribbon/ Tinsel Garland

4 | Scissors

5 | Stapler

how to make tassels and geronimo balloons

1 | Fold the material you’re using for your tassel in half, and cut long slits leaving about an 1 1/2 ” area at the top.

2 | Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the slits and knot. (This will be what you use to tie your tassel to the balloon strand with.

3 | Begin folding the edges of the of your paper in until you have about an inch width gathered in the middle.

4 | Take another piece of ribbon and staple it to the fold on the the top of your tassel, then begin wrapping the excess ribbon around the stapled piece.

5 | Once you’ve wrapped the top in ribbon, you can either staple, tie, or weave it to secure the hold. (Repeat steps 1-5 for as many tassels as you’d like, varying the lengths and colors to add dimension.)

6 | Tie your garland/ribbon for the main strand to the balloon.

7 + 8 | Begin attaching the tassels to the main strand with the ribbon from step 2, and continue until your balloon is nice and fluffy!

diy geronimo balloon

how to make fancy frill balloons

photos + designs by Sugar & Cloth

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28 thoughts on “DIY Fancy Frill Balloons

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  2. Ryam

    Thank you SO much for sharing :) I absolutely love the idea and can’t wait to do this for my daughters 5th birthday party this month.
    p.s. I just posted a link to this on my blog.

  3. Kristy

    I love this! I have bought these huge balloons for photo shoots, my kids birthdays, and now as a backdrop for a table at a baby shower I’m throwing. Thanks so much for this DIY, I have been wanting to spruce up these already awesome big balloons!


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  5. kat

    what’s the best way to tie off the 36″ balloons? I’ve got some that I’m planning to use for my son’s first birthday and I’m not sure how to tie it off securely. I’ve read somewhere that some kind of plastic lock tie can be used.

    1. Ashley Post author

      Do you mean tying them off so they don’t float away? If so, you can tie them to just about anything with a decent weight. As for tying them once they’ve been inflated, you can tie them just the same as a regular balloon (that’s what the party store did when I had mine inflated). Let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

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