14 Sectional Living Room Ideas

Are you looking for ways to style your living room with a sectional? Take some inspiration from these sectional living room ideas.

Sectional Living Room Ideas

Because the living room is a space for you to lounge and to also host guests, ample seating is necessary.

Which is why one of the most popular living room features is the sectional sofa.

A sectional typically consists of an armchair, sofa and corner chaise that are combined into a curved or L-shaped design.

All its functionalities make for a large piece of furniture that can be challenging to fit in different living room layouts.

So checkout our 14 sectional styling tips for a stunning living room.

Sectional Living Room Ideas

1 — Style a Rug Underneath Your Sectional

add a rug style your living room sectional sofa
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Whether your style is traditional, transitional, mid century modern or bohemian, the living room should be comfortable and inviting.

And rugs are an easy way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It can add color to the room as it did for our lakeside living room.

You can select a large rug that completely surrounds the sofa to define your space. Or opt for a smaller rug that fits the middle.

2 — Pair it with Armchairs 

Big Reveal: We Finally Have Our Finished Living Room Makeover by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

To balance out the sectional layout, pair it with one or two individual armchairs.

Place the chair(s) across or aside the sectional to create a gathering space for you to converse and socialize.

The armchairs also serve as an opportunity to venture more contemporary than cozy. We styled our townhouse living room with sleek and minimal leather armchairs to offset the big sectional.

3 — Place it Against a Wall 

a stylish sectional from The Dwell Hotel alone
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you’re looking for a more compact design, consider placing your sectional against a wall that is unoccupied.

This allows you to maximize the seating area while maintaining an uninterrupted flow. This placement also allows for a sectional to fit in a small living room.

4 — Accessorize with Throw Pillows

use throw pillows for sectional living room ideas to style your home
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Add an extra layer of comfort and style by accessorizing your sectional with throw pillows. They are also another easy way to incorporate color and pattern.

Start with large pillows at the end. And then, mix in various shapes, sizes and textures like a velvet lumbar pillow or bright accent pillows. Or there are many creative DIY throw pillow ideas too.

5 — Pair with Statement Art

Pair with Statement Art
Photo by Apartment Therapy

Since a sectional is so grand and large, it makes for the perfect backdrop alongside equally grand and large statement art.

Just make sure to follow the golden interior design art sizing rule so that your art is two thirds the size of your sectional.

This way, your sectional doesn’t feel too small or your artwork feels too cluttered.

6 — Warm Up with a Beige Sectional 

pick a beige sectional sofa to warm up a living room
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you don’t want your sectional to be the focal point of the room, opt for a neutral color sofa.

A white sectional can make the living room feel too stark, especially if you have white walls. So a beige sectional is a great (and more forgiving option for potential spills).

The neutral color is timeless and allows you to have more fun with your decor pieces.

7 — Embrace a Bold and Chic Sectional 

Green Velvet Living Room 
Photo by Casa Watkins Living

If you don’t want your sectional to be the focal point of the room, opt for a neutral color sofa.

A white sectional can make the living room feel too stark, especially if you have white walls. So a beige sectional is a great (and more forgiving option for potential spills).

The neutral color is timeless and allows you to have more fun with your decor pieces.

8 — Add a Circular Coffee Table

sectional living room idea by Oh Joy with a bold green couch and circle coffee table
Photo by Oh Joy!

A coffee table is a functional styling piece for a place to hold your drinks, food, remote control, books, etc.

Rectangular coffee tables are the standard shape. However, go with a circle coffee table if you have a sectional sofa, especially if you have one that is L-shaped.

A circular table will feel less confined within the boxed middle section.

9 — Max Out Space with Corner Sectional 

living room styling idea with a corner sectional sofa if you have a small space
Photo by Studio DIY

Maximize the living room’s potential with a corner sectional. They’re especially great for tight spaces or if your living room design is a narrow railroad layout. Corner sectionals will allow for more floor space since they are against the wall.

10 — Bring in Natural Texture

Max Out Space with Corner Sectional 
Photo by Modsy

Adding natural elements and earthy textures to the living room will create a cozier atmosphere. The key is to bring a touch of nature to your living space.

So complete the room with wooden tables or cabinets and accessorize with woven baskets for decor and storage.

Potted plants can also achieve the same effect. And you can play with the greenery’s height with various plant stands.

10 — Opt for a Low Profile Sectional 

Minimal Blue Modern Sectional 
Photo by Modsy

A low profile sectional makes it easier for you to move around the room. It’s also a great option if you are trying to make the sofa less of a focal point.

Most low profile section are deep seated so you’ll have more lounging and laying space. Thus, these sofas are a lot more inviting.

This modern design is also perfect if you’re going for a contemporary look. This unique style allows you to not skimp out in comfort or style.

11 — Choose an Ottoman

Terminal Chaise Sectional 
Photo by The Adored Abode

Styling an ottoman with your sectional or even any couch offers you more seating option.

When not in use, it can also function as a coffee table.

A decorative tray on top will make it easy for you to grab and stow away your accessories when you do want to use the ottoman for additional seating.

12 — Include a Throw Blanket

Go Industrial Style with Charcoal Gray Sectional 
Photo by Pearson and Projects

If you’re planning on snuggling up on the sofa, you’ll need a blanket as well.

Throw blankets can also serve as the finishing decorative touch on the sofa, especially if the area is looking bare or if you have a neutral sectional.

Simply drape a throw blanket at the end. It’s a great way to show off an intricate throw.

Or you can even display the throw on the wall next to the sectional by hanging it up on a wall blanket holder.

13 — Utilize Accent Lighting

brass sconces for accent lighting creates a cozy living room experience by Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Layering your lighting around your sectional creates a warm ambiance. You’ll be able to control the mood of the space.

Plus, it’ll be much needed lighting for reading. Sconces offer warm back lighting while floor lamps can highlight any area around the sectional.

14 — Include Side Tables

Dorriss Round End Tables, Small End Table Walnut Color MDF Top,Metal Frame Black, Tall End Table for Bed Room,Coffee Tea End Table for Living Room(Walnut+Black)

Since a living room is a gathering space that may entail food and drinks.

Styling your sectional with one or more side tables allows for additional tabletop space, without taking up too much real estate.

And you don’t have to go with a traditional end table. Something unconventional like an ombre tree stump is fun.

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